Installation and upgrade

All AutoTweetNG extensions can be installed/updated by the standard Joomla installation procedure. Please install first the AutoTweetNG Component and then, the needed plugins. The Content-Extension and the Automator-Plugin are packaged and installed/updated automatically with the installation package (Joomla 2.5). Also in most cases all installed plugins are upgraded automatically if needed. All other extensions (plugins, modules) must be downloaded and installed separately.


All AutoTweetNG extensions have the following requirements:

  • PHP 5.3 or superior
  • PHP cURL support (with ssl extension for https)
  • Joomla 2.5.x, Joomla 3.0.x
  • MySQL 5.5 or superior
  • PHP JSON extension
  • For AutoTweet Cron mode and Unicode-based encodings: PHP mbstring extension (non-default extension)

The AutoTweetNG extension plugins have special requirements:

  • All plugins needs AutoTweetNG Component (free or commercial) to work.
  • Some plugins need other extensions to work (e. g. AutoTweetNG Kunena needs the Kunena forum extension). Check also the requirements listed on the download page of the component, plugin or module.

AutoTweeNG needs access to some domains/URLs to work:

  • "" ( AND for posting to twitter. Note: https is needed!!!
  • "" for posting to Facebook (pro version). Note: https is needed!!!
  • "" ( AND for posting to LinkedIn.
  • "", "", "" and/or to your Yourls instance for short url service.
  • "" for automatic version checks (the component checks for new versions on the server).

It is possible that your provider has restricted access to one or all of this URLs or that some firewall rules conflicts with the access to these URLs. If you have problems accessing these URLs please contact your admin and/or provider/host.

New installation

You should make a backup of your files and database before you install/upgrade extensions!

  • Download newest version of AutoTweed NG Component package (free or commercial).
  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Install AutoTweetNG Component package with the Joomla! installer (File: “”). The Content-Extension and the Automator-Plugin are installed automatically meanwhile component installation. The plugins are enabled automatically with default options.
  • Check the plugin options and enable the Content-Extension (if needed).
  • Donwload the other AutoTweetNG Extension-Plugins you needed and install them (File: plg_autotweet[extension].zip). Check in the Plug-in Manager that all the plugins are enabled.


You should make a backup of your files and database before you install/upgrade extensions!

It is not necessary to uninstall old versions of the component or plugins. You can just use the Joomla! installer to upgrade.

  • Check for dependencies: Sometimes you have to update also the component when updating an extension plugin (and vice versa). Information about version dependencies you can find in the change logs (download area) on Do not forget to check your 3rd party AutoTweet plugins for compatibilty!
  • Download the newest version of AutoTweetNG Component package (free or commercial).
  • Proceed as it is a new installation
  • Do the same procedure for other plugins when upgrade is needed and not done automatically with the component. Sometimes plugins are disabled after the upgrade to prevent accidental posts. So you have to enable it manually.

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This procedure works also when you upgrade from free to commercial version.

Sometimes you will have problems/error message with file permissions. In this case contact your admin or uninstall the old version before installing the new. When you do this, it is NOT necessary to remove the AutoTweet database tables (manually)


Why uninstalling this amazing component? ;-)

If you uninstall the AutoTweet installation package (Joomla 2.5) with the Joomla! installer, all parts of AutoTweet (component, plugins, modules, files, database tables) are removed automatically from your system.

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Do not forget to check your 3rd party AutoTweet plugins for compatibilty!
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