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isologo-autotweet-20120831JomSocial will update/publish your activity to social networks via AutoTweet NG.

The plugin requires AutoTweet NG. The AutoTweet product series posts title, text, images and url for new Joomla articles, forum posts etc. automatically as status messages to Twitter, Facebook and E-Mail accounts.

AutoTweet is a great hub to integrate your social network with the world. We've developed the elements to integrate JomSocial and AutoTweet:

  • JomSocial plugin (
  • Joomla AutoTweet plugin (


Prerequisites: A working AutoTweetNG installation. Please, verify if AutoTweetNG posts simple content to the social networks.Autotweet para jomsocial plugin

  1. To start, you must download
  2. Unzip the file to extract the AutoTweet's plugin and the JomSocial's app.
  3. Upload and install both.
  4. The AutoTweet's plugin must be installed with Joomla installer and,
  5. JomSocial's app must be installed in JomSocial's Application Manager.
  6. Enable and configure them.
  7. Section Configuration: the JomSocial's App must be enabled in each section (Section Configuration tab).
  8. If you have any question, please, don't hesitate to contact us. Technical Support:

Message Template

Each message can be freely configured according a template. For example, this is the basic template:

Photo Create Template

Message:  New photo: [photo]!

New foto



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