isologo-autotweet-20120831We can't wait anymore! It's almost ready!

AutoTweetNG 6 is the version to be launched soon. We are testing the final features and packaging it.

In the general picture, Joomla 3 is scheduled to be launched on Joomla 3 launch on Thursday, 27 September. Even though, Joomla 3 is not oriented for production sites, we are already updating AutoTweetNG to be ready, adding Bootstrap style, and developing exciting features.

This new version is for long-term support. We are dropping Joomla 1.5 and PHP 5.2 support. AutoTweetNG 6 is going to be available ONLY for Joomla 2.5 and PHP 5.3, or superior.

These are the features to be included in the release:

Changelog v6.0.0

  • AutoTweetNG Pro-Facebook Accounts-Add Account-360Rule Message Control (RMC) / Message Format
  • New AutoTweetNG- JComments plugin review
  • com_autotweet / new Dashboard
  • com_autotweet / new Facebook Accounts Bootstrap style
  • com_autotweet / new Channels Bootstrap style

AutoTweetNG Pro-Channels-Add Channel-360

  • com_autotweet / simplified Twitter and Linked authorization
  • com_autotweet / Facebook App Id and App Secret removed
  • com_autotweet / new Facebook AutoTweetNG Connector (in
  • com_autotweet / Removed phpmailer (now based on Joomla JMailer)
  • com_autotweet / updated libraries Simple-LinkedIn 3.2.0, facebook-php-sdk 3.2.0, Twitter tmhOAuth 0.7.0
  • server_auth / Facebook App with constants MY_APP_ID, MY_APP_SECRET, and MY_APP_CANVAS_URL
  • server_auth / Facebook App Bootstrap Style
  • Seesmic Ping Email support - Experimental


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