isologo-autotweet-20120831We've released AutoTweetNG 6 - For Early Adopters.

The Early Adopters channel (v6.0) is going to allow us to publish new cutting edge features, and keep in the Stable channel (v5.10) the most mature features.

In the general picture, AutoTweetNG 6 is targeting the new  Joomla 3 (to be launched on Joomla 3 launch on Thursday, 27 September). Even though, Joomla 3 is not oriented for production sites, we are updating AutoTweetNG to be ready, adding Bootstrap style, and developing exciting features.

AutoTweetNG 6 is available ONLY for Joomla 2.5 and PHP 5.3, or superior.

These are the final list of features:

Changelog v6.0.0

Rule Message Control (RMC)

  • Allows to define Message Format at rule level. Example: [title] @[author]

JomSocial, SobiPro, and JCommentsNew JomSocial, SobiPro, and JComments plugins

  • Integration plugin for the Joomla Free Best Comments solution, JComments.
  • Native plugin support for JomSocial
  • Native plugin support for Sigiu's SobiPro

Component Improvements

  • Simplified Twitter and Linked authorization
  • Facebook App Id and App Secret removed
  • New Facebook AutoTweetNG Connector (in
  • Removed phpmailer (now based on Joomla JMailer)
  • Updated libraries Simple-LinkedIn 3.2.0, facebook-php-sdk 3.2.0, Twitter tmhOAuth 0.7.0
  • jQuery migration, initial review
  • Joomla Coding Style compliance, initial review
  • Seesmic Ping Email support - Experimental

AutoTweetNG Pro-Facebook Accounts-Add Account-360

Facebook Server Authorization App

  • Facebook App with constants MY_APP_ID, MY_APP_SECRET, and MY_APP_CANVAS_URL

Bootstrap Style

  • New Dashboard
  • New Facebook Accounts Stlye
  • Facebook Authorization App Style

AutoTweetNG Pro-Channels-Add Channel-360

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