isologo-autotweet-20120831In our road to update AutoTweetNG Pro (v6.3.0) and support Joomla 3. We've commited a major review.

Today, it's oriented ONLY for early adopters. It's implemented in our main site, and in our brand new demo site

What's new on v6.3.0

New Plugins

  • JReviews plugin, the leading Review Script for Joomla, CCK and PHP Directory Script
  • Ohanah plugin, Events done right



Updated modules & plugins  - Compliance Review

  • plg_autotweetautomator v6.3
  • plg_autotweetcontent v6.3
  • plg_autotweet_easyblog v6.3
  • plg_autotweet_jcomments v6.3
  • plg_autotweet_jomsocial v6.3
  • plg_autotweet_jreviews v6.3 -
  • plg_autotweet_k2 v6.3
  • plg_autotweet_kunena v6.3
  • plg_autotweet_ohanah v6.3
  • plg_autotweet_sobipro v6.3
  • plg_autotweet_zoo v6.3
  • mod_autotweetctrlpanel v6.3
  • mod_autotweetlatest v6.3

New Cronjob Cli

To support Joomla Platform architecture.

New Facebook App Front-end

To ease the own Facebook App integration.

Plugins native object support

To empower the message generation.


  • Joomla 2.5
  • PHP 5.3

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