Featured Plugin of the Month: JCalProIn this edition, JCalPro, the events calendar for Joomla, is the new featured AutoTweetNG plugin of the month.

JCalPro offers simplicity, flexibility, a robust feature set and gorgeous templates to fit almost any color scheme.

Available in AutoTweetNG v6.5.1!


  • New JCalPro plugin v6.5.0, support for the events calendar for Joomla
  • Fix in SobiPro plugin category support, v6.4.3.
  • Fix in the cronjob scheduler (n. posts > 1)
  • Improvements in context help
  • New OpenGraph Tags v6.5 plugin, to generate Facebook Tags in Joomla Content
  • New Goog.gl Google URL Shortener
  • Yourls API v1.6 support, check out http://www.joocial.com and our brand new http://ppub.link domain
  • New [introtext] tag for rules
  • New text tag limit for rules Eg [introtext,30]
  • New Facebook Testing App

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