AutoTweetNG Joocial-publishing to Gplus Profiles and PagesAutoTweetNG allows automatic social publishing from Joomla to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

The Google+ API currently provides READ-ONLY access to public data.

Every week, we've been receiving your questions about G+ channel availability.The answer remains the same, there's no estimated date for a write-enabled official Google+ API.

However... we've been scratching our heads to improve the social media manager workflow.

And, we found it! A semi-automatic way to share your content!

Originally, Google App Activities (Moments) have been designed to track user activity in an App.

But it can be also repurposed to easy our lives, reduce work, and increase content distribution!

Please, check this presentation about how it works, download AutoTweetNG v6.8 Joocial Beta, test it, and let us know if it helps you or how we can improve it.

Reference cases

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