Our users often ask about the need to go through the Facebook App Review process to connect their sites to the platform. After the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal, the social network implemented a process to declare the ownership of domains, Pages and Groups: the App Review process. It ensures that the author is who claims to be and restricts what is going to do.

We have been producing software to connect websites to social networks for several years now. We, our products and our services adhere to the same quality guidelines to protect the ownership, the privacy and the security of the connection between your site and Facebook.

Our packages provide a complete open-source solution to integrate your site with Facebook directly. At any time, you can fully audit and manage the source code and the information submitted to Facebook, keeping the security, confidentiality and privacy under your control.

We don't offer proxy services. We don't receive information about your Facebook account. We don't offer shortcuts to underwhelm the quality of your site and the information published to the Facebook Platform. If a third party provides a service "without the creation of an App and the App Review", be sure that you are going to be misrepresented and granting access to your account to external actors; at risk of being banned on Facebook.

As a consequence, we recommend following the complete procedure to create your Facebook App. Over time, this process has become increasingly agile, focusing more on the correct configuration of the Business Manager settings, which is nothing more than a declaration of ownership of pages and domains. It is the way to ensure that Facebook platform works correctly and that everything published on your page, on your behalf, will originate on your site, without intermediaries; and your privacy is respected according to Facebook terms of service.

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