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This month, we are featuring a new development in XT Search for Algolia v4.5. Based on a customer request, we have implemented the functionality to search in long documents like never before.

For starters, Algolia is the smartest way to improve search on your site. Autocomplete and Instant Search are included, along with full control over the look, feel and relevance. XT Search is our solution to index the content on Joomla and PrestaShop. We have started integrating the instant search (search while you type) and the widgets that empower the search; and now in v4.5, we are entering a new phase of advanced search features.

Searching into long texts is difficult and doing in blazing-fast is even more challenging. Algolia limits the record length to 10K, but at the same time supports ways to distribute a document in several parts. XT Search v4.5 implements these techniques, and now it is possible to search performance. For more information: Indexing Long Documents and Reducing Record Size

Finally, this month, we are releasing a full set of updates:

New Versions - Joomla

  • Joocial 8.35.0
  • AutoTweetNG PRO 8.35.0
  • AutoTweetNG Free 8.35.0
  • XT Search for Algolia 4.5.0
  • XT Adaptive Images PRO 6.3.0
  • XT Adaptive Images Free 6.3
  • XT YouTube Optimizer 2.12.0

New Versions - PrestaShop

  • XT Search for Algolia v4.5.0

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