March updates

March is here, and a new set of versions comes with it. We've got several updates to share, mainly about PHP 8 compatibility. This means that it's time to update! Let's take a look at what we're rolling out today.

We've improved our extensions' compatibility with PHP 8 and superior. Since PHP 7.4 reached its End of Life last November 2022, we encourage you to upgrade to PHP 8 as soon as possible.

Remember to verify that all the extensions installed on your site are compatible with PHP 8. As a good practice, back up your production site and check the changes on a test site.

Latest releases:

  • Perfect Publisher Version 9.10.0 - Changelog

  •  XT Search for Algolia Version 4.15.0 - Changelog

  • XT Adaptive Images Version 8.1.0 - Changelog

  • XT YouTube Optimizer Version 2.18.0 - Changelog


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