iOS configuration

To complete iOS device installation, please follow the steps:

Search and install Joocial App

Search for Joocial Composer App in iTunes and install it.

Joocial Composer App

Joocial Composer App requires AutoTweetNG PRO or Joocial for Joomla! CMS

Connect Joocial App to the site

Once you install and execute the app, it shows this first screen. At the top-right corner of the screen, there is an unlinked icon, showing the connection status. Click on the unlinked icon to fill the OAuth connection information.

Connect Joocial App to the site

Fill the OAuth connection information

Login to grant the access token

Once connection information is filled, click on 'Login' button to continue.

Login to grant the access token

Username and password are entered in a browser window directly into your site. Username and password are not received in the mobile app. After you submit your login access, a temporary verifier token is created and received in the mobile app to finally receive the OAuth access token for Joocial-JoomGap API.

Once the access is granted, Joocial Composer App features are enabled. The token access is stored locally and it will remain valid until session expires or user logs out.

Joocial Composer App - Main Features

Control Panel

Joocial Composer App - Control Panel

Composer Editor

Joocial Composer App - Composer Editor

Requests List

Joocial Composer App - Composer Editor