Tips and Tricks

How to add to hashtags in message

A hashtag is a static text added in the message. There are several ways to do it in Joocial or AutoTweetNG:

  • At plugin level: You can add a static text in the associated plugin.
    • Static Text Source = Custom Static text
    • Custom Static Text = #your-hashtag
    • Static Text Position = Beginning
  • With a rule: You can "Add Static Text" in a rule

Which is the best way to support our team of authors and editors, we proofread the articles multiple times

The best solution for multiple editors and proofreading (where it is not simple to identify when a post must be published) has been implemented in AutoTweet Joocial. It has a "Post Editor" and it allows to define "when" the post must be published. You can declare "Post This" and/or a publishing agenda.

Please, check this similar FAQ:

I would like to publish also then I make changes to an article not only when I make a new one, how is that possible?

What is the best way to curate, save and post different articles from the web?

The simplest way is to do it manually, following the old tradition to quote and link interesting content. It is clearly not automated, but you can be very creative and take different efforts in every article.

The modern method is to import articles offered by sources via RSS. In AutoTweet and Joocial, you can add any number of feeds, apply filters, choose articles, replace keywords, schedule, modify the article creation with templating and finally share them to your social networks. In this way, you can define your own way to curate and share content with automated tools and curating content according to your definition.

How to hide some social channel types?

Frequently, in an advanced Joocial usage, to customize the user interface, part of the channel types must be hidden.

To solve the requirement, we have added a way to activate an optional configuration.

By default, it is not active. To enable it, please follow these steps:

  • Find this file in your site: administrator/components/com_autotweet/helpers/autotweet-extra-config.sample.php
  • Rename it to administrator/components/com_autotweet/helpers/autotweet-extra-config.php

Inside autotweet-extra-config.php, you can find the definition of channel types per group:

// List of excluded channel types from groups
public $excluded_channelstypes_groups = array(

	// SuperAdministrators cannot access these channels
	8 => array(
		// Mail

	// Administrators cannot access these channels
	7 => array(
   		// Mail

		// EasySocial

Configure groups and channels types to solve your requirements.

How to add new lines to improve Posts and Tweets formatting?

In the upcoming AutoTweet and Joocial 8, we have implemented a way to add new lines.

In general, for all texts, the extension removes all special characters and meta-tags ({...}, [...], <...>). In this way, a post has a clean paragraph.

We recommend publishing short posts to increase engagement (60-100 chars). Reference: However, in certain business cases, like Real Estate related posts, several items are published in a card format.

To solve the case, AutoTweet converts from |CR| to a line break. Then, you can introduce |CR| in your message to get a new line.

Ref: Joocial - Post Template

Mail auto-post upon new content and to new users, how?

The mail channel was created as an alternative way to test or send content notifications to a mail account. A single mail is a simple notification that can be like a social channel. However, it is not a solution that can support a mailing list or a newsletter.

If you are looking for a mail list solution or a newsletter, you hosting control panel may have a better solution to deliver emails or an extension to manage newsletters, namely AcyMailing. These solutions already have extended options like auto-subscription or subscription management.

In addition, they are already designed to manage a great number of emails.