# XT YouTube Optimizer

This chapter covers the use of the XT YouTube Optimizer (opens new window) component for Joomla!™ -powered websites.

# Introduction

XT YouTube Optimizer for Joomla! is a port of A Better Method for Embedding YouTube Videos on your Website (opens new window) (Amit Agarwal).

XT YouTube Optimizer


XT YouTube Video Optimizer detects all Youtube players in a page and replaces them with the default video image, that can be clicked to play the original video player. In this way, the page only loads the image associated with each video, instead of loading, by default, all the heavy video iframes.

# Benefits

  • Improves page load time.
  • Light and Responsive
  • Prevents loading embedded YouTube video player when page loads
  • Site code stays clean

XT YouTube Optimizer provides an easy solution to improve the web page speed. The plugin avoids loading YouTube player each time your web page loads which impact performance. In addition, it's not need to specify the player size, as now the video is embedded responsively.

# Examples & Demo

Check our live demo at https://demo.extly.com/xt-youtube-optimizer.html (opens new window)

Example: XT YouTube Optimizer enabled, image with a Play Button (opens new window).

# Configuration

  • Show the Play button: By default, the plugin shows an image button.
  • Select a Play button: Select the image that is diplayed as Play button.
  • Background color: Choose a background color

Basic Settings

  • Load CSS: The plugin requires a set of styles. With this setting, the default load can be disabled and integrated into another stylesheet.
  • Load JS: The plugin requires a set of routines. With this setting, the default load can be disabled and integrated into another file.

Advanced Settings

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