A Phonegap/Cordova application, based on JoomGap, Ionic (an advanced HTML5 hybrid mobile app framework) and Ionic Material. Powered by AngularJS.

  • Screens
    • Backup Management
    • Website Management
    • Backup Agenda for Profiles
    • Membership Management
  • CMSs
    • WordPress, Joomla!, PrestaShop and phpBB. Beta testers have used it with WHMCS, Magento, YOURLS and other popular PHP scripts.
  • Platforms
    • iOS and Android
  • Device Types
    • Phone and Tablet
  • Orientation
    • Portrait
  • API
    • Akeeba Backup JSON API
  • Extras
    • Local database, to persist information
  • Cordova plugins
    • Datepicker, local-notification, toast and insomnia

Restrictions/Limitations of XT Backup for Akeeba free version:

  • Websites are limited to 2 sites.
  • No Backup Agenda.
  • Community Forum support.