Backup management

In the app toolbar, you can access and navigate the main features:

  • Website management: to add and define integrated websites
  • Profile Management: to choose a backup profile and perform backups
    • Backup Agenda: to schedule backup notifications
  • Backup Management: to navigate the active site backups

XT Backup - Website management menu

If you have a XT Backup PRO (or an Extly Club) membership, please, access your customer area to find the Membership ID -

Membership customer area

Assigned Membership ID

Once you have your Membership ID, go to your app's Options ( ) in the toolbar, assign your Membership ID and click/ touch to verify it. Finally, click on Submit.

XT Backup - Membership assignment

XT Backup - Membership assignment

Secondly, define your websites to be managed:

XT Backup - Website management - list

XT Backup - Website management - new website

When you are ready to backup a site, please, click/ touch on the website to select it as Current active site. When a website is selected the next functionalities will be integrated with this item. If you need to change the active website, come back to this screen and choose a different website.

XT Backup for Akeeba free version is limited to 2 sites.

This screen shows the backup profiles from the Current active site. It loads the profiles via Akeeba's Public API.

When you are ready to perform a backup, click on a Profile and follow the steps to start and complete a backup.

XT Backup - Profile list

XT Backup - Profile

A profile has a Backup Agenda to schedule a notification when you require to perform a backup. The agenda allows to schedule backup notifications to one specific date or repeat it every day, week, month or year.

XT Backup - Profile Backup Agenda

XT Backup for Akeeba free version has no backup agenda.

Finally, when a profile a chosen, the next screen shows the steps to automatically perform a complete remote backup.

XT Backup - Backup Management - Step 1

XT Backup - Backup Management - Step 2

XT Backup - Backup Management - Step 3

XT Backup - Backup Management - Step 4

XT Backup - Backup Management - Step 5

When a backup is completed, the final status is displayed in the backup list:

XT Backup - Backup list