XTDir for SobiPro

This chapter covers the use of the XTDir for SobiPro component for Joomla!™ -powered web sites. This user manual covers the whole solution. Specific chapters cover independent XTDir module or plug-in distributions.


XTDir for SobiPro is a unique solution to empower SobiPro!. XTDir is a new extension to manage and extend SobiPro as never before! Manage, featured, and promote entries. Search modules, and more! Built based on your feedback and our experience developing SobiPro extensions.

It is a single component, with a set of modules and plugins, to add the most frequently requested SobiPro features. All configuration and management tasks are performed in a single administrative center.


While we provide some extensions free of charge, we do not provide support for free. If you are interested in receiving support please consider an Extly.com subscription.

Key Features

  • XTDir component: XTDir is a new extension to manage and extend SobiPro as never before! Manage, featured, and promote entries. Search modules, and more!

  • Promoted Entries: a powerful concept to feature entries, and organize an "Advertising Catalog". (Paypal paid orders are supported. Payplans and Akeeba Subscriptions are supported via User Groups).

  • Categories of SobiPro module: 9 Amazing Layouts to show SobiPro categories: Bootstrap Accordion, Bootstrap Grid, Bootstrap Media Grid (with Icons), Category List, Chained Select, Drop Down Menu, SP 1.1 Single Select, Top Ranking, and Tree Layout to navigate your categories.

  • Extended Search modules: a module to master the art of catalog search. Support for cookie form saving.

  • Faceted Search module: to show a Faceted Search Form for SobiPro, as a module in any position, similar to Amazon search.

  • GeoMap Search module: show a GeoMap search form, a Proximity Search which lets the visitors search entries within the proximity of a given location.

  • Entries Accordion module: show a list of entries, in two amazing accordion widgets!

  • Grid of Entries module: show a list of SobiPro entries, in a dynamic and responsive Bootstrap Grid.

  • My Entries module: show SobiPro Entries for the current user in a Joomla or SobiPro context!

  • Statistics for SobiPro module: modules to display Entries Statistics in front and back-end.

  • Search in Categories and Search in Selected Section Modules, to fill all search possibilities.

  • XTDir Chained Categories Search control, SobiPro application to replace the original category select with a chained selects control.

  • Search Plugin(+) Plus plugin: to integrate catalogs in Joomla general search.

  • Smart Search plugin: to integrate catalogs in Joomla new smart search.

  • Support for big catalogs with Cron job indexing tasks.

  • Support for Statistics & Index information. E.g. to display the number of entries in a category.

  • Router App (Beta) - URLs without Numbers.


These are the main tutorials to configure and present XTDir features. You can find more tutorial, recipes and videos, here.

How to extend your directory

XTDir for SobiPro - How to extend your directory

Building an advertising catalog

XTDir Promoted Entries - Building an advertising catalog for Joomla!