Enhance your social media management!
Enhance your social media management!

The most comprehensive Social Content Auto-Publishing solution for Joomla! CMS

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Extensions for SobiPro

Our favourite multi-directory component for Joomla!. Support for Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3.

XTDir for SobiPro

A unique solution to empower SobiPro. Manage and extend the directory component as never before. Search, manage, feature and promote entries.

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Business Pages for JomSocial

Build a JomSocial Business Pages Directory. XTDir for JomSocial, create a full Social Network, community + business directory!

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Business Pages for EasySocial

Build an EasySocial Business Pages Directory. XTDir for EasySocial is a new solution to manage and extend EasySocial and Sigsiu's SobiPro

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Social Cloud Joocial 2017Joocial promotes the Social Management of your Content by creating and delivering messages from your own system. Simply, Joocial automatically posts your content to social networks + advanced content management.

Joocial is the next stage of AutoTweet evolution, beyond simply auto-publishing content.

$ 66
Joocial - 6-month Subscription
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$ 119
Joocial - 1 year
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$ 76
Joocial + Composer App - 6-month Subscription
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Requirements - GNU GPL v3.0 License - Pre-Sales FAQ - Installation Services
If you are renewing, please log in to your account before the purchase and remember to apply the loyalty coupon (20% Off).

Joocial speaks up for a unified content strategy in selection, creation, maintenance and distribution on the web. Social channels are integrated to publish rich messages from cohesive sources, in a timely manner, engaging your audience.

Achieve 360-degree social management with Joocial

For starters, Auto Tweet NG PRO has a set of features for complete automated auto-posting. Joocial builds on this base to supply innovative features for state-of-the-art community management.

What is the main difference between AutoTweetNG and Joocial?

AutoTweet is mainly oriented for unassisted auto-posting Just keep using Joomla! as usual, creating articles or other content items.

On the other hand, Joocial has all AutoTweet features plus advanced features for social management. For instance, Joocial has a "publishing agenda" to repeat Posts, or "working hours" to define when your audience is online. In a real life scenario, a publisher can create a new content item and define the social impact, associating media attributes.

Content auto-published from Joomla! to a Facebook Company Page

Content auto-published from Joomla! to a Facebook Company Page
Content stream generated in http://www.facebook.com/Joocial

Joocial's basic configuration begins with the same steps than social auto-posting: multiple unlimited channels, requests and posts administration, rules, RSS feeds for article generation and integration with over 60+ Joomla! application extensions.

Once the first stage is completed, the social strategy can take advantage of modern techniques to multiply audience engagement.

In a Nutshell: Joocial management features

Joocial Composer
At this instance, Social Composer adds new dimensions to create precise messages according to the designed strategy: media manager, publishing attributes, channel selector, agenda and repeats.
Social Post Tools
Social Publish toolbar and Editor button define social posting properties right in the integrated content source.
Virtual Manager
High-level virtual assistant for managing when messages are published following a definite agenda or repeats, according to working hours.
Evergreen Posts
If there is no content to be published, the virtual assistant can retrieve and republish messages marked as evergreen, depending on frequency.
Social Composer - a poweful editor to create and edit social posts
Content auto-published from Joomla! to a Tumblr Company Page
Content stream generated in http://joocial.tumblr.com
Web Push Channels
Support of Web Push Channels, powered by OneSignal or Pushwoosh.
Content-oriented Channels
Apart from the most popular social channels, Joocial provides complementary channels to increase exposure: Blogger, Scoop.it, Tumblr, Xing, JomSocial, EasySocial, Telegram and Medium.
Social Tag Plug-ins
Facebook Open Graph and TwitterCard support to automatically add content tags.
Community Posting
Front-end users can enable their social channels to report all user activities to user channels.
Front-end Jootool
To configure channels and manage content. Collaborators can be organized as authors, editors, publishers and managers.

149 user reviews in Joomla! Extensions Directory

The total user reviews for our social share family (Auto Tweet Free, AutoTweet NG Pro and Joocial) is 149!

They listen to their customer needs

When I took a look at the list that included almost if not all the most popular extensions of Joomla! , I realized that Extly team do listen to their customers and I just want to say keep it up guys, best of luck :)

Tarek Tarek Tarekitsme - Source: JED

Great Support

...it does everything it promises and I very quickly got the operations of the component and there seems to be a lot of flexibility you can program/ configure into the way the social media channels take and report information from the site.

Graeme - Source: JED

Joocial Screenshots, Tutorials and Demo site


The following screenshots have been generated from Joocial News demo site, capturing auto-published content in a desktop view and a mobile device view. As part of our social media management strategy, we operate the Joocial News demo site. This way, we have a perfect leading case to show what can be achieved creating a news site based on +20 RSS Feeds to distribute content messages to our social channels. Joocial for Joomla! CMS is a real social media content management platform.

Content auto-published from Joomla! to a Twitter channel

Content auto-published from Joomla! to a Twitter channel
Content stream generated in https://twitter.com/Joocial

Content auto-published from Joomla! to a Scoop.it channel

Content auto-published from Joomla! to a Scoop.it channel
Content stream generated in http://www.scoop.it/t/joomla-extensions-by-extly

Joocial Social Publishing Management

Beyond auto-posting content, Joocial introduces tools at component item level for defining specific properties. Integrated with Joomla Articles, EasyBlog, FlexiContent, JoomShopping, K2, SobiPro, Zoo, and more.

Post Management Toolbar access is shown in all integrated components.

Post Management Editor Button access is shown in all integrated "content" components.

Social publishing properties are shown in "content" items.

Publishing Agenda: Schedule when the Post must be published, and a sequence of re-publications.

Image Chooser: Select which article image must be included in Post.

Joocial Virtual Social Manager

Evergreen Posts: Posts selected as evergreen can be posted if there’s no content available. In this form, you can define the frequency of evergreen posts.

Working Hours: only publish in "working hours".

Joocial Calendar View and World Clock & Time Zone Map

Request Calendar View of scheduled messages.

Request calendar view of scheduled messages

Time zones management.

Joocial Jootool - Front-end Social Management Team

Joocial Jootool - Front-end Channels Management

Joocial Jootool - Front-end Requests and Posts Management


We have created detailed tutorials for every step of the installation and configuration of the social auto publishing process. You can review the list of tutorials here in the documentation site. To have a first approach on how the autotweet generator process works, please check the following tutorial:

Tutorial: Joocial - Full social content management in Joomla

Online Web Presentation
Joocial - Full social content management in Joomla

Tutorial: Joocial - K2 Social Content Management

Online Web Presentation
Joocial - K2 Social Content Management

Tutorial: Joocial - EasyBlog social content management

Online Web Presentation
Joocial - EasyBlog social content management

Our Top Extensions for Joomla!

AutoTweetNG PRO

AutoTweet posts from Joomla to social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.
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Designed for top-notch management: social networks, scheduling, virtual manager, community, front-end and back-end auto-posting and powerful management.
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Composer App

Our social mobile app is the next stage of channel management for Joomla!. Ready to provide new advanced features for communities, powered by mobile added-value services.
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Technology for Responsive Design, Mobile Apps and Imaging

Watermarks for Joomla

A convenient way to implement watermarking in Joomla!. Support for EasySocial and JomSocial.
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XT Adaptive Images

Adaptive Images detects your visitor's screen size and automatically creates, caches, and delivers device-appropriate re-scaled versions of your web page's embedded HTML images.
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JoomGap Framework

Mobile apps for Joomla! websites. Amazing hybrid mobile apps to empower your current website experience. A free and open-source framework based on PhoneGap, Ionic and AngularJS. Support for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8.
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Extensions for SobiPro, EasySocial, and JomSocial

XTDir for SobiPro

Built based on your feedback and our experience developing SobiPro extensions.
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XTDir for EasySocial

It's a single component, with a set of modules and plugins, designed to add the most frequently requested EasySocial and SobiPro features.
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XTDir for JomSocial

XTDir Business Pages is a new solution to manage and extend JomSocial and Sigsiu's SobiPro as never before.
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Categories of SobiPro

9 Amazing Layouts to show categories: Accordion, Grid, Media Grid (with Icons), List, Chained Select, Drop Down Menu, SP 1.1 Single Select, Top Ranking, and Tree Layout. Support for Bootstrap 2 and 3.
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Extended Search

To master the art of catalogue search. Support for cookie form saving.
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Search Plugin+ (Plus)

To integrate catalogues in Joomla general search.
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More Joomla! extensions


Plugin to integrate Font Awesome as a system plugin for Joomla.
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JomSocial en Español

¡Traducción completa en Español para JomSocial (front y backend)!
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XT-K2 Link Item

Plug-in to extend K2 and define relations between specific K2 item(s).
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This extension does what it promises, and more! ... I had a few questions when I first started using it, but the support from the developer has been outstanding!


We purchased the pro version as we are running a site with over 4000 recipes based on the K2 component ... And that's not all. The setup is very easy and the guidelines are helpful ... support is very, very good! Thanks guys.


It's an essential and powerful component for Sobipro and works perfectly well...I asked for something which was not currently shown in their extensions and they designed it for me!!! Thanks Extly


I has been searching for an extension like this for some time... now I have found the perfect one! Easy to use, many online tutorials and how-to sections, even great explanations in the component itself! And then when something went wrong ... I needed support! Filed an issue, and the issue was fixed before I knew it! Try it and be amazed!

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