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[Bug] - Facebook share option not displaying

6 years 4 months ago - 6 years 4 months ago #5255 by XOOMSERVE

If disable image publishing in Media mode and use only [Status Message Only] Share option appear normally.


Before Facebook share option was displaying with no problem in my page.

Facebook share option not displaying

Would you please advise me?

Also note:
1- I'm using my own app.
2- When Authorize application the application page keep refreshing and not showing the Access Token user/page
3- This only happens if I use my app but not yours.
4- This happens few days ago but not before.

I hope this have a fix or an advise.

Best Regards,
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6 years 4 months ago #5259 by Ulli Storck
I'm sorry, the missing share button is a known bug in Facebook API (The behavoir is changing form time to time) and so I can't fix it.

See here for the Facebook bug description (You have to login):

Also you should do a test, if you can use the AutoTweet channel "FacebookLink". With this channel the share button is displayed but the layout and behavoir does not work in all use cases.

Regarding your app: Please check the options of your app (especially the "offline_access" migration option) and check the Canvas URL in AutoTweet channel dialog (Check that you use "https" and that there is a "/" at the end of the URL).
The topic has been locked.
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