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Resetting the FB and twitter - it's a hassle

6 years 7 months ago #5418 by Kenneth Fribert
On FB I have a page for our diving club, and my own page.
On twitter I have a page for my diving club.
I've created my own apps on both, and made sure that the 'deprecate' setting is now 'enabled' on FB.

I've redone the twitter, I tried using the 'authorization files' and place them on my own server, to lighten the load on yours, but that didn't work, so I'm back using your server instead.
That part seems to work.

I've spent the last hour working on the facebook integration.
I think the new docs on this setup is lacking all info, there is definetely a need for improvement there.

Found a small spelling error:
autobublish not enabled (message must be approved in AutoTweet backend)

Ok, so what I've found:
Icon for going to 'Facebook accounts' is wrong, it shouldn't be a '+', but rather a FB kind of logo.

When creating a facebook account in autotweet, use the account you log in to facebook with:
Name: www.facebook.com/ <name>
It is shown when you log in to your page, and just click on the facebook logo to get back to your page.

Account ID: graph.facebook.com/<name>
This will display a short info, and the ID is right there at the top.

User Token: After pressing the 'authorize application and grant permissions', and the procedure is done, the access token is shown at the bottom.

After that you create a facebook channel.
Select 'New channel'
In the selector at the top, choose facebook.
On the right, select the account you've just created.
Below that select a channel to put the posts on, if you have a corporate page or other pages, this is where you select it, if not, just select your own profile.
The Access token is filled automatically.

Then there's the procedure of creating your own app, but I think the instructions for that is ok.

It's probably easy peasy for some, but it took some searching to find all the info again.

Best regards

Dykkerklubben Dannebroge www.dkdb.dk
We're a volunteer driven diving club in Mosede, Denmark.
Har du brug for en dykkerklub der rummer alle, så kom ned til os.
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6 years 7 months ago #5423 by Ulli Storck

thank you for reporting back this. We will include your suggestions into the next version of AutoTweet and Documenation.

The topic has been locked.
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