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AutoTweet going to personal FB page NOT business

6 years 1 month ago #5573 by Chris
Hello and thank yo for taking the time to read this.
I have successfully installed Autotweet and am trying to set up a FB account under the Channles tab. I click the authorize button and log into FB with person username and password, but in does not show my business page in the table at the bottom (user id, token)and I am authorized as an admin for the business page. What could I possibably be doing wrong ?

Oh and I tried several ways, even logging in and switching to my business page. Though when I did this, the Autotweet app does show that my business page as app installed BUT my articles from joomla are still showing up in the personal pages newsfeed/status. Again there was only one UserID and TokenID available to pick from .

Thank you so much

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6 years 1 month ago #5574 by Chris
I seemed to have gotten it to work. I read a few other threads here and one help.
What I did was instead of going joomla backend and creating FB account, then create a channel, I logged into FB and search for the AutoTweet app. I then click on the Authorize button on AutoTweets FB page and copy/pasted the UserID and Token into the Joomla autotween creat FB account tab. Low and behold it now gave me choice to pick ... personal page, fan page and some groups I was in. I chose the fan page and tested it out by creating a blog post via joomla frontend. It automatically posted to my FB fan page ! But for some reason it took like 3-4 min. During this time I refreshed the joomla website page so maybe that push it up to FB ??

Anyway I hope this helps anyone else. And to the author, thank you for a wonderful app. If it works out for me and I keep it installed, I will certainly get the Pro version.

Keep up the good work

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6 years 1 month ago #5576 by Support Team
Thank you!

AutoTweetNG has an Automator plugin to post (you can configure it). The posting process can post to several channels so it can be a long operation. In the free version, it's deferred to a later moment.

In the Pro version, you can work in cronjob mode to fully run in a background process.


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