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AutoTweetNG Advice on Setting up link to Facebook

5 years 4 months ago #6361 by Rob Williams
I am considering using the AutoTweet NG extension to enable posts from the Kunena Forum to be sent to Facebook, but I don't think the documentation is of sufficient quality to enable me to do this on my own .. I tried asking Support, but because I haven't yet bought it yet (as theres no point if it wouldn't work on my site) the presales guys are well, only moderately helpful in offering advice - I do hope they are better if and when i do buy.

Anyway, I have a site which has SSL installed, so I am trying to use the Presentation to "create a Facebook App" - I already have my own hosting package and CPANEL access.
It says on the presentation page :-

From AutoTweetNG,
unzip facebook_server_auth_app.zip
Copy the files to your hosting,
Manually, verify the Facebook App site."

My initial question is Copy the files to WHERE on your hosting.

I have the CPANEL access for my site, so I can access the filesystems for the site that has the SSL certificate installed - does it go in the public_html root folder, or an Autotweet folder, or some other folder.

I did ask the presales support who told me that the App files must be located in a SSL-enabled hosting.- whatever that means????!

I am sure this is very obvious to those of you who have managed to set it up; but to us mere mortals who want to make sure that it will work with my site before I spend my hard earned Euro's it doesn't explain it in enough detail.

Would anyone in the forum; who is using their own SSL installed self hosted website; please advise me where they have extracted the facebook_server_auth_app.zip file contents to..maybe an example would help me understand.

I think this product is what i want, but at the moment I want to check its not expecting me to have something that I don't.

Thanks in advance

Rob :unsure:

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5 years 4 months ago #6363 by Bunglehaze
In my case I just uploade it to the root directory and named it Facebook. Then you go into channels, click the authorize button FIRST and go through authorisation and verification before you create the rest of the Facebook page channel

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5 years 4 months ago #6368 by Support Team
That's right ;) , you can upload the files to any directory of the SSL-enabled site.

In the tutorial, they were copied to:




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