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blank screen, unable to reinstall autotweet

5 years 3 months ago #6474 by munga42

I tried to install the autotweet 6.5.1. I got the blank screen. I followed a work through and resolved recovered the website. when trying again to install I get an component install error and and db message. If you then look at components list there is autotweetng. I click on it only to find conponent not installed??? I have checked db and as far as I am aware all autotweet tables are present. Can someone help please


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5 years 3 months ago #6475 by Support Team

If the directory permissions are Ok, you can always install/upgrade a component.

Please, check the error messages and the installation requirements to discover the underlaying issue.

PD: A blank white page is an error page, please enable the PHP error output www.extly.com/autotweetng-documentation-...hat-should-i-do.html

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