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How do I do that: change / view schedule of post?

3 years 2 months ago #9539 by Ruud van Lent

been busy experimenting with joocial. Althought I have an IT background, I am 'struggling' with how to use it: not everything is clear even after reading all the how-to manuals. Thought I share my questions here so so I can learn but also as possible feedback :)

Setup: 3 channels: twitter, facebook, linkedin
Virtual manager is set to a daily window of 07:00 - 23:00
setup a cronjob: 5 minutes repeat
setup the Core Content - Plugin: autopublish: no, Process modifications: yes, Content Polling: yes

I want an article to be posted on all three channels with the following schedules:
1. Twitter, repeating every 4 hours, for one month
2. facebook, once a week
3. Linkedin, once a week

Use case 1: I create the article, set it to 'publish' and save and close.
> the content plugin creates a request for this article
> the cronjob kicks in and transforms the request to 3 posts (for each channel) with status 'pending'
Question: When I click on one of the pending posts (eg twitter): how do I change the schedule of this post?

Use case 2: I open the article, click on the [social publish] button
> In the channels tab I select the twitter channel
> in the repeat tab I set the desired schedule
> I press [submit]
> I press [Save & Close]>
>> The content plugin is triggered and creates a request
>> the cronjob is triggered and transforms the request into a post for the twitter channel with the status pending
> I repeat the above steps for resp. Facebook and Linkedin
>> The result is three posts with the status pending
Question: How can I see and edit the schedule for these posts?

Question: although these posts are scheduled, why do they not show up in the calender view (composer)

Looking forward to your help, One of my users must take over the social media part, but if I do not understand how it works, I cannot explain it to him :)
Thanks in advance for any tips!

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3 years 2 months ago #9541 by Support Team

You case is clear.

At this time, we have implemented a single agenda for a post to a set of channels. It is not possible to create/manage an agenda for each post- channel. Additionally, calendar shows the first publishing date.

Both limitations were introduced to simplify the agenda model. Until now, we have not received requests to extend this model. However, we are already working on the next mayor version (version 8 is coming with mobile app support) and we are developing the new iteration to add more advanced features.

Please, send us both topics as tickets to review and plan how to support them: support.extly.com/

Best Regards,

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3 years 2 months ago #9542 by Ruud van Lent
#4189 and #4190 created :)
Thanks in advance!

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