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Joocial EasySocial APP and User Channel

3 years 5 days ago #9684 by mabrell lee

I am using EasySocial and I already installed ALL the Autotweet Apps/Plugin for EasySocial on my website. I have enabled all the plugin/Apps but I cannot see the Autotweet App on my EasySocial Application list. How to solve this problem?

Besides, I would like my EasySocial Users can add their own channel, how can they do this? I have read the documents but could not find the answer. Please help.

Also, I tried to add all Joocial Menu item. And I found that Even Normal Registered User can access the Channel that I have created at joomla backend through the "jootool" menu item at frontend. How to disable this? Normal registered users should only see their own channel but not others and super user channel.

Also, I have installed EasyBlog plugin and I found no way for me to link the Autotweet channel when I am composing article using EasyBlog, how to solve this?

Lastly, how to share a status using EasySocial Post and link it to the Channel that I have created?

Thank you.

Best Regards.

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3 years 3 days ago #9685 by Support Team
Hi Mabrell,

Customer support is provided through our ticketing system. support.extly.com/ .

Please, open a new issue describing your problem in detail. Support team will be glad to help you.

Additionally, this is the general guide for Community Auto-Posting (user channels):

Community Social Auto-Posting

Best Regards,

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