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Double posting on Facebook

3 years 6 days ago #9797 by Johan Hammarström
we have an issue, which I hope there is a work-around to solve.

I have set the plugins to "Process modifications" and post articles to facebook, because our editors posts (but doesn't publish) articles as step 1. As step 2 we proof read the articles and as step 3 we save them finally as published. Now Autotweet publish the article to facebook. It works perfectly.

Our issue is: if an editor later modify the article, Autotweet re-publish the article to Facebook (of course).

For now I disable the "Process modifications" in the plugins after the weekly proof read, but is there any other way to have Autotweet to publish articles that goes from unpublished state to published state, without having all modifications published?

With kind regards,
- Johan.

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3 years 6 days ago #9798 by Support Team

The best solution for multiple editors and proof reading (where it is not simple to identify when a post must be published) has been implemented in AutoTweet Joocial. It has a "Post Editor" and it allows to define "when" the post must be published. You can declare "Post This" and/or a publishing agenda. www.extly.com/content-management/feature...l#message-management

Please, check this similar FAQ:

I would like to publish also then I make changes to an article not only when I make a new one, how is that possible?

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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