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Setting up frequency for rss feeds

2 years 7 months ago #10006 by Donna Torr
Hi Guys,

I would like to automate posting of articles into my blog through rss fields, and then automatically tweet these. However, I seem to be failing at the first hurdle, as when i am setting up the rss feed, if i make any change at all to the frequency i get an error saying preview not available and i cannot import anything. I set this to 0 8 * * * and left it over night last night to see if it would post at 8am this morning, but nothing happened. I have read somewhere that the cron will only run on a page load, but im struggling to find anything which correlates to what i am trying to do?

If i leave the frequency as * * * * * in the rss feed set up and click import then the article is imported. So what i am asking is:

1) How can i set different import frequencies for each feed and automate them to publish
2) Secondly, how can i then post these generate articles out to my channels, again with out having to do anything?

I have seen the cron task with url like /index.php?option=com_autotweet&view=cron&task=run&key=secret and now how to set up a cron task, so this isnt the issue. What is the relationship between the cron task and setting up the frequency on the rss feed?

Thank you in advance

Donna :)

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2 years 6 months ago #10007 by Support Team

You feed configuration and frequency is fine.

To automate the processing, we recommend to setup the cron job task. In this way, you can be sure when and how it executes:

In a first step, you test the feed manually, with frecuency * * * . In a second step, you define a frequency 0 8 * * * (so, it will be execute at 8:00) and finally you define a cronjob task to execute ever 5 min (/5 * * * *).

We have just also answered your ticket. Plese, follow ticket #4774.

Best Regards,

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