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1 year 8 months ago #10380 by Support Team

We have completed the implementation of the current sprint Joocial 9 Standalone (Headless) - Alpha 1.

This sprint has the features to process Feeds and publish posts to certain channels.

Since this is the first deliverable that we are going to produce, we are taking more time to define the new specifications, retest all unit tests and publish a new live site with the new engine.

Once we complete this Sprint, we are going to move our focus to create the new user interface, and move the remaining 25% of features.

Best regards,

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1 year 8 months ago #10381 by joomleb
Hi guys,
"It is roughly at 75&" and "the remaining 25% of features" seem quite the same thing :)

Well, It sound a little bit different from what I understood:

Support Team wrote: ...We plan to release the stable version in 3-6 months. We plan to have the first alpha version in January...

The main objective of the new User Interface is to support all devices in a single code base. Until now, we have been duplicating the user interface for Backend, Frontend and mobile apps. In the new version, we will consolidate all these interfaces in a single common interface.

So, the new panel interface will be different, though it will have the same functional features (e.g. Channels, Feeds, Posts, Rules, etc).

About the alpha version, we plan to install it on our servers before release it. So, it should work from day 1.

So, Please, What would be this date where we can download and install this alpha release with the new interface ?

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