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AutoTweet update stops already existing requests

2 years 5 months ago #10104 by Antar
When I update AutoTweetNG Pro from 8.6.0 to 8.7.0 all already existing requests stopped.
I mean that they cease to be automatically processed and stuck in the queue. I have to push them by hands every time.
Why? There're about 100 requests in the query for next 100 days, so I can't maintain them by hands or decline. Right now I fell back to version 8.6.0.

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2 years 5 months ago #10105 by Support Team

In AutoTweetNG Pro 8.7, we have introduced the latest libraries from Facebook and Google.

They raised PHP requirements. Now your site must have at least PHP 5.4 or superior. We recommend to have PHP stable versions (5.6 or 7).

If your site already have a recent PHP version, then check if all AutoTweet plugins are updated.

In any case, feel free to send us a ticket. Our team will be glad to help.

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