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links only show home page links on facebook twitter etc not the actual links PL

2 years 2 weeks ago #10270 by abi balogun
1.when i post to any channel like facebook or twitter the content does not show the actual link ! it shows only the homepage link

2.how do i put time lapses between posts as facebook sometimes penalises for posting to fast !

how do i fix this thanks

3 . Everytime Posts are made One Random Article keeps repeating to be posted . Article is NOT set for evergreen or anything

i really need help

i am on joocial 8.6.0 as my host is still on php 5.3x

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2 years 1 week ago #10271 by Support Team
Hi, Thanks for contacting us!

1. If your posts don't have the right link, then your site may have a routing issue. To gather more information, please enable the logging mode, test a case and send us the logged file logs/xt-logging.log.

2. The best way to control publishing intervals is with a Cron job frequency configuration.

3. If you are publishing random evergreen, we recommend having a big set of messages to avoid frequent repetitions.

Best regards,

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