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Help needed to configure autotweetNG Free

7 months 3 weeks ago #10925 by johan peters
Hello.. i am struceling with the configuration of autotweetNG Free / Facebook developer..

after 2 days.. this morning i removed autotweet from joomla.. removed the facebook app and start completly fresh.

1. Facebook Developer
- create App
- add website

2. install AutotweetNG
3. Enable autotweetNG opengraph plugin
4. configered the connector (al 3 steps are okay0
4a. added the facebook Page ID in the opengraph plugin

5. tested with a composer message without image (test okay)
6. test with a composer message with image (test okay)
7. test with new article with image (test okay).

8.. totaly happy i informed the sporting club that it was working
9. adjust the autotweet joomla article plugin to look only in 1 specific article group
10. another test to make sure that only new articles are published in one category

oeps.. not working anymore.. error 200 or error 100 about image , only domain owners are allowed..
composer message with image stil works (but published only the text not the image)..

grrrr.. getting realy frustrated and crazy...
so if someone can help me get this thing working correctly i would be verry happy..
its for a verry smal non profit sporting club.. so i dont have the budget to get the payd version..

many thanks

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7 months 2 weeks ago #10926 by johan peters
Iff got it all working now.. YES....
i understand what was wrong now and how it works..

now only waiting for Facebook to aprove my app..

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