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AutotweetNG-Free how to detect new content

6 months 2 weeks ago #10931 by johan peters
Hello, can someone tell me how autotweetNG does detecting new content.
is it only based on timestemp (sinds last check).
i know that publish state can be a trigger..

i will explain why i need to know ..

whe work with a concept category..
al new articles are getting default in this category.. so it does not show up on the website.
When the article is finished and checked .. then the article is moved to the correct article category.
Because the article already exist.. moving the article to a category that is configured for autotweet.. it does nog automaticly getting a trigger and gets in the request queue..
in autotweet there is a timer (default 120) for checking new content.. does it detect the new content (existing article)..
currently i do a unpublish and than publish.. that is a trigger for autotweetNG..

with regards

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6 months 2 weeks ago #10932 by Support Team
Hi, Thanks for reaching out!

Please, check this FAQ:

Why modified articles, in the published state, are not processed?


Best Regards

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