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Where is Chron Jobs for NGtweet?

5 months 2 days ago #10990 by SC
I'm hoping this is my problem. That I am just so tired after fighting with facebook and linkedin that I'm just not seeing it in the module, but does anyone no where Chron job is?

I'm having a heck of a time with this thing. I finally got it all configured. It posts fine. In fact, it looks better than WoopSocial and Hootsuite, Buttttt . .It's not autoposting on the NOW. And the auto/future schedule is broken. It's also not letting me add more than 2 channels. I can live with the latter, but the other 2 not so much.

And if my locating Chron jobs doesn't fix these things, please let me know that, because if that's the case, I'm going to have to keep looking for an autoscheduler.


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5 months 2 days ago #10991 by Support Team
Hi, Thanks for reaching out!

You are probably using AutoTweetNG Free. This version has a limitation of 2 channels and partial support of an auto scheduler and no CronJob support.

AutoTweetNG PRO supports Unlimited Channels and has Cronjob support: www.extly.com/autotweet-ng-pro.html

Joocial supports Unlimited Channels. It has Cronjob support and extensive scheduling features: www.extly.com/content-management/features.html

Hope this helps! Let us know if there is anything else we can do.

For further reference: www.extly.com/docs/autotweetng_joocial/features/

Best Regards

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5 months 2 days ago - 5 months 2 days ago #10992 by SC
Replied by SC on topic Where is Chron Jobs for NGtweet?
Oh no! I wish I would have seen that list of features before I installed this. "manual publish" would have stopped me from installing it and fighting it for 5 hours last night trying to get it to work properly.

I didn't realize the free was so limited. You know, to NOT have to keep fighting this, I might have bought it at this point (BTW frustrating potential users into buying isn't a good strategy) But those aren't even buy options. Those are subscriptions which means if I don't pay pay pay pay this thing breaks again and again and again.

Thanks for the quick reply. I think in the end my wasted 5 hours is my fault for not seeing the "manual publish". I guess I'll keep looking for an autoposter for Joomla (There aren't very many of them, but I'm gonna keep looking anyway.)

Edit: I'm done looking. In the end this doesn't do what I want, but do you know of any other social media schedulers out there that do. It's the autopost feature that is most important. I just can't keep digging through this stuff. It's sucking up hours and hours and I need to get back to creating new content. (I'm vbery very very very very frustrated at this point).

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