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JomSocial User Profile for SobiPro - Documentation

Installation & Upgrading

    1. Unzip the downloaded file. It will contain the required App. In the new XTDir, you can install/download it right on the Business Pages menu / Configuration.
    2. Install “” file in the SobiPro Application Manager.
    3. Open a section configuration and define a new field XTDir-JS-Profile. The field is only shown when the entry is displayed, user does not have to input information.
    4. Check and customize the entry layout.
    5. The new field must be shown in the entry details. For example, in the Business Template, it's shown by default (it shows all fields). In other templates, (Eg Restara), it has to be specified by name.
    6. If you have any question, please, don't hesitate to contact us.


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