XTDir SobiPro My Entries App for JomSocial v5.4.0

02-XTDir-My-SobiPro-Entries-App Show SobiPro entries in JomSocial profiles!

"XTDir My SobiPro Entries for JomSocial Free is plugin for JomSocial to provide a core application to show SobiPro entries."

Extension formerly known as SobiProPosts.

In a nutshell

When an user publishes SobiPro entries, they are associated with the user. My SobiPro Entries shows these entries in the user profile.


Examples & Demos

In these examples, you can check how XTDir extends JomSocial and SobiPro in our demo site http://demo.xtdir.com. Please, check it here in the demo site http://demo.xtdir.com, where you can find the classic JomSocial 3 installation and SobiPro v1.1 business directory, with 2.000 more entries to fill the catalog.

TIP: How to change the App position

In JomSocial template, you can change where the Apps are generated. For example, in the profile.index.php, you can move around this source code:

         <div id="apps-sortable" class="connectedSortable" >
         <?php echo $content; ?>


This is the required modification to implement this layout:

<!-- begin: .cMain -->
        <div class="cMain">
              <div class="page-actions">
              <?php echo $blockUserHTML;?>
              <?php echo $reportsHTML;?>
              <?php echo $bookmarksHTML;?>
              <div id="editLayout-stop" class="page-action" style="display: none;">
                <a onclick="joms.editLayout.stop()" href="javascript: void(0)">
              <?php echo JText::sprintf('COM_COMMUNITY_STOP_EDIT_PROFILE_APPS_LAYOUT') ?></a>
            <div id="apps-sortable" class="connectedSortable" >
            <?php echo $content; ?>
              <?php echo @$header; ?>
              <?php $this->renderModules( 'js_profile_feed_top' ); ?>



  • SobiPro 1.1 (recommended), or superior / SobiPro 1.0.8 is supported in compatibility mode
  • JomSocial 3, JomSocial 2.8, or superior
  • Joomla 3 / Joomla 2.5, or superior
  • PHP 5.3, or superior
  • MySQL 5.5 (recommended), or superior


  • License: GNU General Public License v3.0
  • Usage license will never expire. You can use the software FOREVER.
  • Unlimited sites or domains.
  • Download new versions and major/minor uprades during the subscription period.
  • You can use the software on ALL YOUR sites under the terms of GPLv3.
  • No part of our source code is encoded.

Change Log

Updates in 5.4.0 - Stable - 17th June 2014

  • Feature: SP My Entries - Show Add Entry
  • Feature: SP My Entries - Multiple Image and Description support
  • Fix: SP My Entries - Removed warning
  • Usability improvements
  • Improved Help / New tutorials
  • FOF v2.2.1, Backbone JS v1.1.5, Font Awesome v4.1

Updates in 5.3.0 - 17th March 2014

  • Usability improvements
  • Improved Help / New tutorials

Updates in 5.2.0 - 17th February 2014

  • Feature: Control Panel Stats with addcslashes    
  • Update: 2014 Copyright notice
  • Update: Improved DbBroxy
  • Fix: REPLACE INTO in field data
  • Fix: Cronjob Joomla v3 check
  • Improved Help / New tutorials

Updates in 5.1.0 - 9th January 2014

  • NEW Optimizer - Javascript Loader (stage 2)
  • Updated: My SobiPro Entries App - vCard layout, MultiSection support
  • Update on icons and style
  • Update FontAwesome v4.0.3
  • Update RequireJS 2.1.5
  • Update Underscore.js 1.5.0, and Backbone.js 1.0.0
  • Update FoF v2.1.1 - Framework on Framework
  • Usability improvements
  • Improved Help / New tutorials

Updates in 5.0.6 - 18th November 2013

  • Updated: Compatibility review for Joomla 3.2 (Lib 2.1.2)
  • Updated: Libraries jQuery v1.10.2 / jQuery Migrate v1.2.1
  • Updated: Libraries Lo-Dash Underscore v2.2.1
  • Updated: Libraries RequireJS v2.1.9
  • Fix: JUri compatibility for Advanced Module Manager
  • Optimized: Javascript Loader (stage 1)
  • Usability improvements
  • Improved Help / New tutorials
  • Notices removed (statics)

Updates in 5.0.4

  • Usability review & improvements, new menu/toolbar
  • Support for Joomla 3.2 Alpha2
  • Support for Framework on Framework RAD revC1A6D5A-1378494129 - 2013-09-06

Updates in 5.0.2

  • Feature: MyEntries default no-cache
  • Feature: SobiPro Helper getUrl SEF improvement
  • Bug: MyEntries description field not shown

Updates in 5.0.1

  • Full Code Review
  • Update to JomSocial 3.0
  • New vCard Layout

Updates in 2.2.1

  • Update JomSocial 2.8: title translation PLG_SOBIPROPOSTS_TITLE

Updates in 2.2.0

  • Feature: Check on "valid until"

Updates in 2.1.0

  • Feature: Improved backend options

Updates in 2.0.3

  • Feature: Title translation

Updates in 2.0.2

  • Code Review, Joomla Coding Standard compliant
  • Minor fix: Notices removed

Updates in 2.0

  • Feature: Multi-sections entries support

Updates in 1.0

  • Iinitial release with a basic feature set

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