In our quest to create HTML5 JQuery-Joomla templates, we've created this utility system plugin

HTML5 Badge 256CleanJS is a system plugin for Joomla created to remove Mootools frontend library dependency.

When Joomla fires onBeforeRender event, the plugin removes the following libraries:

  • core.js
  • mootools-core.js
  • caption\.js
  • mootools-more.js
  • gantry-totop.js
  • gantry-buildspans.js

It also tries to remove routines associated with Mootools window.addEvent 'load' and window.addEvent 'domready' routines.

At the end, add an empty stub routine window.addEvent to avoid any dependency error on Mootool's addEvent.

Installation & Upgrading


Please, install it using the Joomla installer, and remember to enable the plugin.


No configuration available at this moment. In the roadmap, we are planning to add several parameters to tweak each feature.



    Updates in 1.2 - Renamed from JClean JS to CleanJS.

    Updates in 1.1 - Added parametrization to support other template names, and more Javascript files removal from Joomla output.

    Updates in 1.0 - initial release.

    Recommended versions

    • Joomla 1.7, or superior