A Unique Solution to empower SobiPro!


"XTDir is a new extension to manage and extend SobiPro as never before! Manage, featured, and promote entries. Search modules, and more!"

Built based on your feedback and our experience developing SobiPro extensions.


XTDir for SobiPro 59,99 € / 6-month Subscription

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All paid memberships include upgrade & support for 6 months on unlimited sites, ticket support (http://support.extly.com).

In a nutshell

It's a single component, with a set of modules and plugins, to add the most frequently requested SobiPro features. All configuration and management tasks are performed in a single administrative center.

  • Promoted Entries, a powerful concept to feature entries, and organize an "Advertising Catalog". (Paypal paid orders are supported. Payplans and Akeeba Subscriptions are supported via User Groups).
  • Categories of SobiPro Module, 9 Amazing Layouts to show SobiPro categories: Bootstrap Accordion, Bootstrap Grid, Bootstrap Media Grid (with Icons), Category List, Chained Select, Drop Down Menu, SP 1.1 Single Select, Top Ranking, and Tree Layout to navigate your categories
  • Extended Search Modulesto master the art of catalog search. Support for cookie form saving.
  • Faceted Search for SobiPro Module , to show a Faceted Search Form for SobiPro, as a module in any position, similar to Amazon search.
  • GeoMap Search for SobiPro Module show a GeoMap search form, a Proximity Search which lets the visitors search entries within the proximity of a given location.
  • Statistics Module, modules to display Entries Statistics in front and back-end.
  • Entries Accordion Module, show a list of entries, in two amazing accordion widgets!
  • Grid of Entries Module, show a list of SobiPro entries, in a dynamic and responsive Bootstrap Grid.
  • My Entries Module, show SobiPro Entries for the current user in a Joomla or SobiPro context!
  • Search in Categories and Search in Selected Section Modules, to fill all search possibilities.
  • Chained Categories Search control, native application to replace the original category select with a chained selects control.
  • Search Plugin(+) Plus plugin, to integrate catalogs in Joomla general search.
  • Smart Search plugin, to integrate catalogs in Joomla new smart search.
  • Support for big catalogs with cronjob indexing tasks.
  • Support for Statistics & Index information. E.g. to display the number of entries in a category.
  • Router App (Beta) - URLs without Numbers.

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XTDir, modules & plugins

XTDir for SobiPro 59.99 € Buy Now!
Promoted Entries 39.99 € Buy Now!
Categories of SobiPro 19.99 € Buy Now!
Extended Search 19.99 € Buy Now!
Search Plugin(+) Plus 14.99 € Buy Now!
Search Plugin 1-section Free Download
Entries Accordion 14.99 € Buy Now!
Faceted Search 19.99 € Buy Now!
GeoMap Search 19.99 € Buy Now!
Grid of Entries 14.99 € Buy Now!
My Entries 14.99 € Buy Now!
Smart Search plugin
Statistics for SobiPro 19.99 € Buy Now!
Buy Now! 59.99 €

All paid memberships include upgrade & support for 6 months on unlimited sites, ticket support (http://support.extly.com).

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XTDir for SobiPro - 1 year 98.99 € / 1-Year Subscription

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Includes all products: AutoTweetNG, Joocial, XTDir, Business Pages, etc.

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Examples & Demos

In these examples, you can check how XTDir extends SobiPro. Please, check it here in the demo site http://demo.xtdir.com, where you can find a SobiPro v1.1 business directory, with 5.000 more entries to fill the catalog, extended with all XTDir features.

Tutorial: XTDir Promoted Entries - Building an advertising catalog for Joomla!

XTDir Promoted Entries - Building an advertising catalog for Joomla! - Online Web Presentation

Adobe PDF | Microsoft PowerPoint PPTX

XTDir-How to extend your directory

Tutorial: XTDir for SobiPro - How to extend your directory

XTDir for SobiPro - How to extend your directory - Online Web Presentation

Adobe PDF | Microsoft PowerPoint PPTX

XTDir-How to extend your directory

Promoted Entries in a Search Query


Promoted Entries Module

Promoted Entries Module

Categories of SobiPro - List and DropDown Layouts


Categories of SobiPro - Bootstrap Media Grid Layout


Extended Search Modules


Search In Categories Modules


Categories Filter App for SobiPro Search

The image show 2-Levels of chained categories, with statistics enabled.

categories-filter-app chained categories

Joomla-SobiPro Search Plugin+ (Plus)


SobiPro Smart Search Plugin


Statistics for SobiPro Modules - Front and Back

Statistics for SobiPro Modules - Front and Back

XTDir - Entries Management


Promoted Entries - Manual Promotion Configuration


Promoted Entries - Dynamic Promotion Configuration


Promoted Entries - Paid Promotion Configuration


Promoted Entries - Paypal IPN Configuration




  • SobiPro 1.1 (recommended), or superior / SobiPro 1.0.8 is supported in compatibility mode
  • Joomla 3 / Joomla 2.5, or superior
  • PHP 5.3, or superior
  • MySQL 5.5 (recommended), or superior


  • License: GNU General Public License v3.0
  • Usage license will never expire. You can use the software FOREVER.
  • Unlimited sites or domains.
  • During the subscription period, you can download new versions, with mayor features and minor fixes/enhancements, or request assistance in our ticketing system. Once the subscription is over, you can renew it, or create a new topic in the community forum.
  • You can use the software on ALL YOUR sites under the terms of GPLv3.
  • No part of our source code is encoded.

Change Log

Version 5.5.3 - November 3, 2014

  • Feature: Paypal Payments Pending status, SP 1.1 auto-approval, and expiration assignation
  • Feature: PromoInformation field for Edition
  • Enhancement: Categories of SobiPro Module, Bootstrap Grid +1 Level
  • Fix: Chained Categories App for GeoMap and SP 1.1.11
  • Fix: User Groups Promotion duplicate validation
  • Fix: Radius Layout Enhancements (promogeomap)
  • Fix: SubIndex array config
  • Fix: Security policy fix for stats
  • Fix: Installer apps warning
  • Fix: MyEntries no sections
  • Update: Extly Framework - FontAwesome 4.2.0
  • New: Extly Framework - AngularJS v1.3 Library
  • Usability improvements and optimizations
  • Improved Help / New tutorials

Version 5.5.0 - 19 August 2014

  • Feature: Install from Web and Live Update
  • Feature: Web Cron Job Task
  • Feature: MyEntries for SobiPro Pages
  • Feature: ACL for Administrator and Manager roles
  • Update: XTDir Entries Accordion for SobiPro
  • Update: XTDir Grid of Entries for SobiPro
  • Update: XTDir My Entries for SobiPro
  • Update: router update (Upstream fix SP v1.1.9)
  • Enhancement: enforce Sql Big Selects
  • Enhancement: Temporary table rename
  • Enhancement: Conditional SP cache reset, after a full re-index
  • Enhancement: Stats array fix
  • Enhancement: Calendar/Timepicker compatibility fix for SobiPro v1.1.10
  • Bug: Radius selector excluded for empty search
  • Bug: Workaround to add handler for SP GeoMap
  • Bug: Fix on Search phrase BS radio buttons
  • FOF v2.3.1 (f0f) and new F0F Installer
  • Backbone JS v1.1.5, Font Awesome v4.1
  • Usability improvements and optimizations
  • Improved Help / New tutorials

Updates in 5.4.0 - 17 June 2014

  • NEW: User Access Level Promotion (for PayPlans - Ready Bytes - or Akeeba Subscriptions)
  • NEW: Faceted Search Module
  • NEW: GeoMap Search Module
  • NEW: SobiPro GeoMap Field compatibility
  • NEW: Entries Accordion for SobiPro module
  • NEW: Grid of Entries for SobiPro module
  • NEW: Promoted Entries for SobiPro module
  • NEW: Audit Trail Stats Widget module
  • NEW: Audit Trail
  • Feature: Search in Section module - disable typehead
  • Feature: Re-index with SP Cache Reset
  • Feature: Search in Section module - Disabled typehead layout
  • Feature: Extended Search Module - no-phrase layout
  • Feature: Cache mode safeuri
  • Fix: J3/J25 getBody compatibility
  • Fix: TimePicker field support
  • Usability improvements
  • Improved Help / New tutorials
  • FOF v2.2.1, Backbone JS v1.1.5, Font Awesome v4.1

Updates in 5.3.0 - 17 March 2014

  • NEW: Statistics for SobiPro module: Bar, Column, Pie, and Stepped Area Charts
  • NEW: Categories of SobiPro layouts: Bootstrap Accordion, Media Grid (with Icons), and Grid layouts
  • Feature: Category Labels for each List Level
  • Fix: Missing logger in search
  • Usability improvements
  • Improved Help / New tutorials

Updates in 5.2.0 - 17 February 2014

  • Feature: Second Order on Promotions
  • Feature: Optimizer - Better Minification (stage 3)
  • Feature: XTDIR_SELECT translation    
  • Feature: Control Panel Stats with addcslashes    
  • Feature: Better sid error reporting / load
  • Update: 2014 Copyright notice
  • Update: Improved DbBroxy
  • Fix: Categories chained on dom ready
  • Fix: REPLACE INTO in field data
  • Fix: Cronjob Joomla v3 check
  • Fix: SP v1.1 counter compatibility
  • Improved Help / New tutorials

Updates in 5.1.0 - 9 January 2014

  • Feature: MyJoom Radius Search compatibility
  • Feature: Form Autosaving, option to disable it
  • Feature: Chained Categories Control, form reset support
  • NEW Optimizer - Javascript Loader (stage 2)
  • Fix: Hide Empty Categories, based on entries counter
  • Update on icons and style
  • Update FontAwesome v4.0.3
  • Update RequireJS 2.1.5
  • Update Underscore.js 1.5.0, and Backbone.js 1.0.0
  • Update FoF v2.1.1 - Framework on Framework
  • Usability improvements
  • Improved Help / New tutorials

Updates in 5.0.6 - 18 November 2013

  • Feature: XTDir Categories module, improved level validations
  • Feature: XTDir Extended Search module, new no-search-phrase layout
  • Feature: XTDir Extended Search module, group-field classes
  • Updated: Activity Stream for JomSocial v3.0.5
  • Updated: Activity Stream, support for event points and rules
  • Updated: Compatibility review for Joomla 3.2 (Lib 2.1.2)
  • Updated: Libraries jQuery v1.10.2 / jQuery Migrate v1.2.1
  • Updated: Libraries Lo-Dash Underscore v2.2.1
  • Updated: Libraries RequireJS v2.1.9
  • Fix: JUri compatibility for Advanced Module Manager
  • Optimized: Javascript Loader (stage 1)
  • Usability improvements
  • Improved Help / New tutorials
  • Notices removed (statics)

Updates in 5.0.5 - 28 October 2013

  • New App! - CategoriesFilterApp - Chained categories control and empty keyword search for SobiPro
  • Improvements for Empty Keyword Search in modules
  • Improvements for better Radius Search integration
  • Better support for multilingual SEF
  • Support for special characters urls
  • Improvements in Multi-Language Mode
  • New routing method in XTDir Router
  • Improved Router (phonetic algorithm)
  • Optimization & Caching improvements
  • Class xtd-disabled-typeahead to disable auto-complete
  • Update FontAwesome v4.0
  • Debugging improvements

Updates in 5.0.4 - 8 October 2013

  • Usability review & improvements, new menu/toolbar
  • Feature: XTDir Router v5.0.4 Beta released
  • Feature: Multiple Categories Search support
  • Feature: Date Field Support
  • Feature: Multi-Dynamic Field Promotions
  • Feature: Payment optimized state/approval change
  • Fix: Promoted Entries, Paypal plugin build
  • Fix: SPBrowers SPCookie loader
  • Support for Joomla 3.2 Alpha2
  • Support for Framework on Framework RAD revC1A6D5A-1378494129 - 2013-09-06

Updates in 5.0.3 - 3 September 2013

  • Feature: NEW XTDir SEF Router - Beta, URLs without Numbers
  • Feature: 'debug' for javascripts
  • Feature: optimized javascript loading
  • Feature: SobiPro-Paypal IPN changestate, publish, and approval review
  • Fix: SobiPro-Paypal IPN expiration 0 and icons
  • Fix: Case migrated directory with new Category field
  • Fix: My Entries App - created date
  • Fix: Class 'SPBrowser' not found
  • Fix: No search fields, plugin loads results
  • Fix: SobiPro SmartSearch remove compatibitily for Joomla 2.5/3.0
  • Fix: Search in section - language load

Version 5.0.2 - 21 August 2013

  • Feature: Optimized Core Index
  • Feature: Improved SobiPro API initialization
  • Feature: Improved Multi-language support
  • Feature: Parameter Text Length Truncation
  • Feature: Search fields support for inbox-select and range
  • Feature: SobiPro Helper getUrl SEF improvement
  • Feature: Usability improvements & Feedback

Version 5.0.1 - 23 July 2013

  • Feature: New Ajax Core Index generation
  • Feature: Compatibility review for Joomla 2.5 & SobiPro 1.0.8
  • Feature: Improvements in Smart Search Plugin for SobiPro
  • Feature: Disable jQuery / Bootstrap inclusion for Joomla 2.5
  • Feature: New Javascript dependency manager injection method
  • Fix: Promotions filter (type)
  • Fix: Usability improvements & Feedback

Version 5.0.0 - 15 July 2013

  • Initial Release
  • Promoted Entries
  • Categories of SobiPro Module
  • Extended Search Modules
  • Search in Categories Modules
  • Search in Selected Section Module
  • General Joomla Search plugin
  • Smart Search plugin

XTDir for SobiPro

XTDir for SobiProOne single package to empower your Business Directory

  • Promoted Entries, for advertising management
  • Integrated multi-section Joomla search
  • Extended search form in any page
  • A search box module for each section
  • A module to show the main categories
  • A search box module for selected categories
  • A tree widget of Categories
  • All search boxes have Auto-completion (auto-suggest)

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Tree of Categories


Show your Business Tree of Categories

A high-level module to display a Tree Widget in an easy-to-navigate directory.

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Search in Selected Section

search-in-selected-sectionA search box for each section

Direct solution to show a search box for each section.

New: Auto-completion (auto-suggest)!

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Smart Reach

Smart-Reach-for-SobiProSmart Finder, search 'like-google' for SobiPro

  • Full Text Search, textual indexed search
  • Hot Auto-completion, efficient dynamic query auto-completion
  • Lexical operators "and", "or", "not" for context search 
  • Advanced Category Filter, to further restrict the queries 
  • Muti-catalog support, to search across all sections

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Promoted Entries

featured-entries-in-sobipro-224Promote entries to the top of the Catalog!

To advertise entries as ads. Each entry can have a different policy to be promoted to the top of the lists.

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Extended Search Module

sobipro-ext-search-2-levelExtended search in any position

Take advantage of SobiPro Dynamic Structure to show your customized search form in any page

New Version 3.5! - Powerful Multi-Level Category Filter

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Categories of SobiPro Module

sobipro-categ-3levelShow your Top Business Categories

A high-level module to display the root directory in an easy-to-navigate directory.

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Search Plugin+ (Plus)

SobiPro-Search-Plugin-PlusJoomla search support for SobiPro

Integrated multi-section core Joomla search, with efficient sub-category search and navigation.

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Search In Categories

SP-Search-In-CategoriesA search box for a category list

A final navigational solution to model any partial search area within the directory.

  • Includes Muli-Level Category Filter for SobiPro Search
  • Hot Auto-completion (auto-suggest)
  • SobiPro or Joomla Search Modes

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