how-to-autotweet-in-5-minutes-from-joomlaWe've created a tutorials to show how to Social Auto publish from Joomla.

AutoTweetNG posts your content to social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In particular, Facebook requires to create your own Facebook App.

Now we are releasing the presentations in PDF format:

How to AutoTweet from Joomla in 5 minutes

PDF AutoTweetNG-01-how-to-autotweet-in-5-minutes-from-joomla.pdf

How to AutoTweet from Your Own Facebook App

PDF AutoTweetNG-02-how-to-autotweet-from-your-own-facebook-app.pdf

How to AutoTweet from your own Facebook-Heroku App

PDF AutoTweetNG-03-how-to-autotweet-from-your-own-facebook-heroku-app.pdf

heroku - AutoTweet from HerokuWe've published the last tutorial in the series. In this opportunity, we show how to fully customize AutoTweetNG to work with your own Facebook App, but hosting it in the Heroku cloud application platform.

Heroku for Facebook Developers: It's the recommended Facebook platform to host Apps. In the App creation work-flow, it's just an option that allows a very simple account creation. So, you upload AutoTweetNG Facebook Connector, and it's ready to authorize your Channel to publish the content.

PRO: Facebook requires a SSL connection (secure) for their Apps. Heroku provides a general SSL hosting. With Heroku, there's no need to purchase and install a SSL certificate in your site.

CON: Heroku is a cloud application platform. It has particular rules. For example, to upload the files, you have to configure a GIT connection to your App. More info about GIT, here and here.

How to AutoTweet from Facebook-Heroku



AutoTweetNG in Joomla3

The picture is clear now. Starting in January 2013, we are going to be launching AutoTweetNG and all the extensions in Joomla 3.

  • January 2013, AutoTweetNG v6.4 for Joomla 2.5 / 3 (content plugin only)
  • The current AutoTweetNG v6.3 plugins are going to be code compatible, but we are going to verify each one with the v6.4 seal when we have a working test case in Joomla 3 (not all of the underlying components are available now).
  • SobiPro extensions, we are waiting for the new SobiPro 1.1 with Joomla 3 support to define a roadmap.
  • JomSocial extensions, JomSocial has announced Joomla 3 support for April 2013. We'll have to wait until Q2 2013.

About Joomla 1.5 Support

We will drop Joomla 1.5 support as soon as the Joomla 3 version of the extension is available. Even after the Joomla 3 version comes out, you will still be able to download the old Joomla 1.5 version, but they will not be supported anymore.

Please, let us know if you have any question.

Komento-LogoWe are starting to feature an AutoTweetNG plugin every month as a way to present new ideas for your site and our integration efforts to support our customers.

In this first opportunity, we have the pleasure to showcase the Komento plugin.

StackIdeas Komento is a lightweight Joomla comment extension to manage user comments in articles, blogs, and more.

isologo-autotweet-20120831The Joomla Community Team has come up with the very first Top Ten Community Choice Extensions. StackIdeas Komento is one of the top ten extensions. Also, StackIdeas EasyBlog is in list (AutoTweetNG-EasyBlog plugin is already available).

With AutoTweetNg plugin, every comment can be published to several social networks (with auto-publishing or manual approval).

It's an excellent solution, very easy to configure, flexible, and powerful. We've developed the new plugin in a couple of days. You can check and test a simple showcase here.

Please, let us know about your experience with StackIdeas Komento and AutoTweetNG!

UPDATE - AutoTweetNG for EasyDiscuss

AutoTweetNG-for-StrackIdeas-EasyDiscuss-360There's no two without three... we are also publishing AutoTweetNG for EasyDiscusss!

EasyDiscusss is a solution to implement Questions & Answers for your website. It's the most versatile extension to start a forum, spark user conversations and exchange ideas in your Joomla site.

Now, also supported by AutoTweetNG! It allows to publish the content to social channels, format messages, push first question, or replies, add hashtags, or route according manual rules, to support your full Social Media Strategy.

First movers site down is down due technical problems, ahead of December deadline.

As we've already planned the transition with plenty of time, AutoTweetNG Basic and Pro v6 are already working based on

If you still have a previous version, please, upgrade to the latest v6.

If you can't upgrade your site, you can download and install AutoTweetNG v6 in a testing site, configure the autorization and copy the settings to your AutoTweetNG v4 or v5.


A Big Step to Improve our Service is our new entrepreneurship to exclusively commercialize, develop and support software extensions.

In July, we joined forces with 1st-movers family of products. Now, we've moved all of our Prieco's products to the new operation. We have ramped up our team to provide a high quality professional service!

  • New products organization:
  1. AutoTweetNG: Pro Basic, and Free
  2. XTSobiPro: Promoted Entries, Extended Search Form, Joomla Search Plug-in, etc.
  3. XTJomSocial: Watermarks, Business Directory Pages, etc.
  4. JBootstrap: Bootstrap and Gantry Framework theme
  5. Utilities: JFontAwesome, Anymail for Acymailing, JImpress, etc
  • New ticketing system -
  • Products Documentation Area (Yes, proper documentation and tutorials!)
  • New payment system, more options and flexibility (beyond Paypal support)
  • Scrum product development process

How-to-AutoTweet-from-Your-Own-Facebook-AppWe've create a new presentation and video about AutoTweetNG, to create Your Own Facebook App.

As always, we've created the presentation with JImpress.

In this opportunity, it shows how to configure AutoTweetNG implementing the App in an external hosting site or in your Joomla site.

Please, click here to view the presentation.