XT Search for Algolia video

To continue introducing technology for astounding user experiences, we have created this video tutorial.

In the recording, we show how easy it is configuring XT Search and Algolia for Joomla. XT Search is our solution to empower the site search. It is backed by Algolia, a powerful online search engine.


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AutoTweetNG and Joocial 8.28 are here!

We have released AutoTweetNG and Joocial 8.28. These new versions include the following updates-:





Since we have published our extension XT Adaptive Images, we have collected several recommendations to prepare the images of a web site. Better photos on your website improve the user experience, guaranteeing a higher-level engagement.

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Easter is coming so we decided to celebrate with you offering a 15% off on all our extensions. Happy Easter!

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How to improve the search on your joomla website

Do you want your visitors to quickly find what they are looking for on your Joomla website? The best thing you can do is show a search module on your landing page. Visitors find what they're looking for and stay on your website, becoming potential customers. If you add to that a powerful search engine like Algolia, there's nothing more to say!

Curves Ahead 680

The next month is coming packed with news and changes. They affect several of our extensions. Please, read the following messages carefully.

  • Joomla 3.9.3 - SobiPro 1.4.10: On February 12th, Joomla 3.9.3 was released. Immediately after the release, SobiPro released 1.4.11 to fix a compatibility issue. Be prepared to update both items at the same time. Following these upgrades, we have also released XTDir 6.9.2 to be synchronized.
  • LinkedIn Basic Profile and Company Profile Changes: In March, LinkedIn will migrate the platform to API v2. If AutoTweetNG or Joocial integrate LinkedIn on your site, upgrade to v8.25 as soon as possible. For more information:On March 1, LinkedIn is enforcing a new Dev Program and API 2.
  • LinkedIn Marketing Developer: With the arrival of API 2.0, anyone who wants to use a LinkedIn app for a Company Page must apply to a new program. Access will be restricted to those participating developers. To request the access, please, apply as soon as possible to the LinkedIn Marketing Developer Program.


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Instant Search for Joomla

In our quest to create the best search engine for Joomla, we have released XT Search for Algolia v2.1.This new version notably integrates Custom Fields and Hashtags with Algolia.


XT Search for Algolia



change letters

Following the path started by Facebook and then continued by Twitter, Linkedin is making serious changes to its developer program. Starting with the new look of the developer portal, there are critical changes in the development policies and permissions effective from March 1.

Among these changes, it is the new requirement to apply as a developer to create apps or continue using the API for Company Pages. With the arrival of API 2.0, anyone who wants to use a LinkedIn app for a Company Page must apply to a new program. Access will be restricted to those participating developers. To request the access, please, apply as soon as possible to the LinkedIn Marketing Developer Program.

By the time of this publication, LinkedIn is taking one month to approve the applications, so we recommend to apply immediately in order not to lose access to content publishing.

Another change that comes with the new API 2.0 is the updated permissions model that requires upgrading all LinkedIn-related extensions.

  • All developers need to migrate to Version 2.0 of our APIs and OAuth 2.0 by March 1, 2019. Learn more

To face the migration, today we are releasing AutoTweetNG and Joocial 8.25, which include support for LinkedIn profiles with the new API 2.0. We are still in the process of documenting the new Company Pages channel process. The LinkedIn Channel for Company pages is already included in v8.25 as a preview and pending of confirmation. We will update it as soon as it becomes stable.

Finally, we have updated our tutorial, reflecting the changes in the developer portal: How to Autopost from Joomla! to LinkedIn

Should you have additional concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

XT Search for Algolia 2 - Search Everywhere

Looking for the perfect technology to empower search on Joomla!, we are releasing now XT Search for Algolia v2.0.1. Now, XT Search 2 enters in a second phase to integrate every possible key extension. These are the list of integrated solutions in this release:

  • EasyBlog
  • HikaShop
  • JCalPro
  • JReviews
  • K2
  • SobiPro
  • EasyDiscuss - Coming Soon (v2.1)
  • EasySocial - Coming Soon (v2.1)

What is Algolia?

Algolia is a hosted full-text, numerical, and faceted search engine capable of delivering real-time results from the first keystroke. Algolia delivers products to accelerate search and discovery experiences across any device and platform.

Help customers find what they are searching for. Create frictionless find-to-conversion paths by connecting users with exactly what they're looking for, with lightning fast and highly relevant search.

Create a path for customers to discover. Go beyond the search box with navigation, browse, and content discovery experiences powered by Algolia.

Design predictive and natural interactions. Build immersive experiences that surface unexpected and relevant content to surprise and delight users.

To the moon!