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Following the path started by Facebook and then continued by Twitter, Linkedin is making serious changes to its developer program. Starting with the new look of the developer portal, there are critical changes in the development policies and permissions. These changes has been announced on March 1st and are effective since May 1st. As a consequence, apps using API v1.0 are not working anymore and must be migrated to API v2.0.

XT Search for Algolia video

To continue introducing technology for astounding user experiences, we have created this video tutorial.

In the recording, we show how easy it is configuring XT Search and Algolia for Joomla. XT Search is our solution to empower the site search. It is backed by Algolia, a powerful online search engine.


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AutoTweetNG and Joocial 8.28 are here!

We have released AutoTweetNG and Joocial 8.28. These new versions include the following updates-:





Since we have published our extension XT Adaptive Images, we have collected several recommendations to prepare the images of a web site. Better photos on your website improve the user experience, guaranteeing a higher-level engagement.

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Easter is coming so we decided to celebrate with you offering a 15% off on all our extensions. Happy Easter!

This is a great opportunity to Join the Club!: Access and support services to all Extly's extensions for 1-Year. The Extly Club is your source for all of our extensions.

Easter 19

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How to improve the search on your joomla website

Do you want your visitors to quickly find what they are looking for on your Joomla website? The best thing you can do is show a search module on your landing page. Visitors find what they're looking for and stay on your website, becoming potential customers. If you add to that a powerful search engine like Algolia, there's nothing more to say!

Curves Ahead 680

The next month is coming packed with news and changes. They affect several of our extensions. Please, read the following messages carefully.

  • Joomla 3.9.3 - SobiPro 1.4.10: On February 12th, Joomla 3.9.3 was released. Immediately after the release, SobiPro released 1.4.11 to fix a compatibility issue. Be prepared to update both items at the same time. Following these upgrades, we have also released XTDir 6.9.2 to be synchronized.
  • LinkedIn Basic Profile and Company Profile Changes: In March, LinkedIn will migrate the platform to API v2. If AutoTweetNG or Joocial integrate LinkedIn on your site, upgrade to v8.25 as soon as possible. For more information:On March 1, LinkedIn is enforcing a new Dev Program and API 2.
  • LinkedIn Marketing Developer: With the arrival of API 2.0, anyone who wants to use a LinkedIn app for a Company Page must apply to a new program. Access will be restricted to those participating developers. To request the access, please, apply as soon as possible to the LinkedIn Marketing Developer Program.


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Instant Search for Joomla

In our quest to create the best search engine for Joomla, we have released XT Search for Algolia v2.1.This new version notably integrates Custom Fields and Hashtags with Algolia.


XT Search for Algolia




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