At this time, Joomla 4 Beta is planned to be released in a few months (around October). In our view, it also implies the modernization of our organization and codebase to produce solutions.

modern times for extly

We have released a new batch of products versions, consolidating the integration of XT Search for Algolia with the modern ecosystem. The updates improve the performance of all the extensions and prepare the field for the next iteration of enhancements:

We have completed the release of XT Search for Algolia v3. With this version, we have broken the mold and defined the layout of the organization for the next releases. 

Summer is here so we decided to celebrate with you offering a 20% off on all our extensions.

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Summer Sale 19

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Keeping your website updated has several benefits, among which we can mention getting the latest features and bug fixes. But without a doubt, the most important thing is to keep your site safe, because by updating it, you get the newest vulnerability security fixes, and avoid problems.

Today, keeping your Joomla site updated is very simple. Here we'll describe the process, but first, let's talk about Joomla.

Social Media Day is coming, let's celebrate together!

social media day 2019


Following the path started by Facebook and then continued by Twitter, Linkedin is making serious changes to its developer program. Starting with the new look of the developer portal, there are critical changes in the development policies and permissions. These changes has been announced on March 1st and are effective since May 1st. As a consequence, apps using API v1.0 are not working anymore and must be migrated to API v2.0.


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