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Joocial has an evolved feature set to support most social management needs of a professional site, built on top of our popular AutoTweetNG extension.

Social Networks - Channel Types

Beyond the original auto-publish solution, Joocial is here to provide full social content management for Joomla!

  • Facebook Profile, Page , Photo and Group ( Requires App Review)
  • Twitter channels
  • LinkedIn Profile, Company and Group for Partners channels
  • Web Push OneSignal channels
  • Web Push PushAlert channels
  • Web Push Pushwoosh channels . Support for images .
  • Push Notifications OneSignal channels
  • Push Notifications PushAlert channels
  • Push Notifications Pushwoosh channels
  • Blogger channels
  • Telegram channels
  • Medium channels
  • Tumblr channels
  • JomSocial channels
  • EasySocial channels
  • VK Profile or Community channels (Groups, Pages, etc) - Beta

Post Management & Scheduling - Compose your social publishing

Beyond auto-posting content, Joocial introduces tools at component item level to define specific properties. Integrated with Joomla Articles, EasyBlog, FlexiContent, JoomShopping, K2, SobiPro, Zoo, and more.

Compose your social publishing

Select media to be included in post.

Select media

Schedule your messages

Schedule your messages according to a publishing agenda (content grid). Schedule your messages according an publishing agenda (grid)

Define a frequency of repeats for each message and check the Calendar View of scheduled messages.

Calendar view of scheduled messages

Create perfect messages

Define text formatting, filter, routing and pattern rules to manage your channels and messages.

Define text formatting

Powerful front-end and back-end editor to create and edit social posts.

Poweful Front-end and Back-end editor to create and edit social Posts

Virtual Manager

High-level virtual assistant to manage when messages are published (definite agenda, according to working hours), or when repeats are re-published.

Joocial - Virtual Manager

Working Hours and Evergreen posts are the cornerstones of a successful social media strategy to define when posts are initially delivered and when posts are worth to be repeated.

Joocial - High-level virtual assistant

It supports Evergreen messages. Posts to be re-published on demand to fill a streamline if there is no recent activity.

Joocial - Evergreen messages


Content is produced with great effort. Evergreens help you to feature your permanent value into social channels, following your strategy.

Evergreen post definition

I have several thousand articles (5,000+) I am looking to mark articles as evergreen so they can be posted in random order to twitter on a schedule (a few per day, one every few hours).

How to generate evergreens from articles

Content Auto - Posting

The most powerful back-end feature, developed since 2009 for AutoTweetNG allows you to publish content submitted in any of +60 integrated Joomla extensions. Now, it is empowered by Joocial publishing edition and front-end management.

Auto - Posting

RSS Feeds Grabber - Add new content to your channels

Enhance your streamline with automatic articles loaded, via RSS Feeds Grabber.

Enhance your streamline

AutoTweet and Joocial extensive list of features

  • Control Panel
    • Social Meter - Status Charts and Timeline
  • Install from Web and Live Updates
  • Social Composer
  • Joocial Composer App
    • Control Panel and Stats
    • Composer Editor
    • Requests management
    • Posts management
    • Multi-Site management
    • Facebook OpenGraph Tags support
    • Mobile Sharing for Joomla! (only Joocial + Composer App)
      • Facebook ( Requires App Review)
      • Twitter
      • Google+
      • Instagram
      • Pinterest
      • WhatsApp
      • More channels
  • Paywall Mode (only Joocial)
  • Requests
    • General Management
    • Image Preview
    • Batch Processing
    • Manual Publish
    • Calendar View (only AutoTweetNG Pro and Joocial)
  • Evergreens (only Joocial)
    • General Management
  • Rules
    • General Management
    • Override Settings
    • Rule Message Control
    • Add Static Text
    • Text Replacement
  • Posts
    • General Management
    • Image Preview and Validation
    • Short URL / Original URL Edition
    • Batch Processing
    • Manual Approval
    • Manual Publish
    • State Change
  • System Check
    • Component
    • Modules
    • Plugins Management
  • Virtual Manager (only Joocial)
    • Working hours
    • Evergreen Strategy
    • Advanced Options
  • Channels
    • General Management
    • Facebook Page and Group ( Requires App Review)
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn Profile, Company and Group for Partners
    • Web Push - OneSignal (only Joocial)
    • Web Push - PushAlert (only Joocial)
    • Web Push - Pushwoosh (only Joocial). Support for images .
    • Push Notifications - OneSignal (only Joocial)
    • Push Notifications - PushAlert (only Joocial)
    • Push Notifications - Pushwoosh (only Joocial)
    • Blogger (only Joocial)
    • Telegram (only Joocial)
    • Tumblr (only Joocial)
    • JomSocial (only Joocial)
    • EasySocial (only Joocial)
    • VK Profile or Community channels (Groups, Pages, etc) - Beta
  • Extensions Plug-ins
  • Feeds
    • General Management
    • Feed Details
    • Publishing
    • Content Creation
    • Image Grabber
    • Filters
    • Content Grabber
    • Auto Tweet Generator
  • Rule Engine
    • Rule Types: Access, Author, Catch all, Category, Featured, Language, Media, Regular expression, Scope, Groups, Term and Word.
    • Modes: Normal or Deny All
  • Post Management (only Joocial)
    • Social Publish Toolbar
    • Social Publish Button
    • Post This control
    • Evergreen Post
    • Posting Date Agenda
    • Repeats
    • Image Chooser
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