# Activities

You can access this feature by clicking on Activities in the main menu of Perfect Publisher.

Perfect Publisher - Activities

Since a message is created until it is published, it goes through several steps, the activities.

1- Requests (opens new window): this is the first step of a message. After creation, the message is stored in the Request list waiting for the Perfect Publisher Automator executes.

2- Rules (opens new window): Before publication, the Perfect Publisher Automator checks if there are any rules that modify the post settings.

3- Posts (opens new window): The message is converted into a post for each selected channel.

4- Evergreens (opens new window): A message can be posted again if there’s no content available.

# Frequently asked questions

For more information, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (opens new window).

Last Updated: 5/17/2024, 10:06:00 AM