# Posts

You can access this feature by clicking on Activities, Posts in the toolbar area.

Perfect Publisher - Posts

After posting, the messages are stored in a Posts list, and you can repost or approve them. Also, messages with error status are stored in the list.


  • Success: this post has been published
  • Error: An error has been detected
  • Pending: the post needs approval
  • Waiting: the post is waiting to be processed by scheduled task (Cron job)

Available operations:

  • Edit: a post can be edited to modify its attributes.
  • Publish: a post can be manually published, for instance, to avoid a delay until Perfect Publisher Automator plugin is executed.
  • Copy: a post can be copied to be duplicated. For example, to schedule a repetition.
  • Delete: a post can be deleted to avoid any further publication.
  • Batch operation: a set of Posts can be moved from the published status.
  • Purge: Once in a while, all posts can be purged to clear the database.

Perfect Publisher - Posts

# Frequently asked questions

For more information, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (opens new window).

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