# Control Panel

Prerequisite: Tutorial: How to AutoTweet from Joomla! in 5 minutes (opens new window)

Control Panel is the main access point to all features.

  • Main menu: navigation tool to access all back-end features.
  • Social Meter: a graphical representation of the latest processed and waiting requests and posts. In a glance, the general status can be known.
  • Shortcuts to the main channels and features.
  • Joocial: Access to the Virtual Manager.
  • Access to Extly Customer Support and other resources.


In Control Panel, new releases notices are occasionally shown.

Perfect Publisher - Control Panel

# Frequently asked questions

For more information: https://www.extly.com/docs/perfect_publisher/faq/ (opens new window)

# General - Troubleshooting

For more information: https://www.extly.com/docs/perfect_publisher/faq/troubleshooting/ (opens new window)

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