# How to Autopost from Joomla! to Pinterest

In this tutorial, we are going to show how you can autopost from Joomla! to Pinterest.


  • AutoTweetNG Free, Pro or Joocial 8.24 or superior
  • A Pinterest account

Once you have checked the prerequisites, proceed with step 1.

# STEP 1: Download and install AutoTweetNG/ Joocial

Download the extension from Extly's Download Area (opens new window), unzip and install AutoTweetNG/ Joocial in Joomla! backend with the standard procedure.

About AutoTweetNG/ Joocial updates: Install the update with the same procedure.

Once you have proceeded with the installation:

-AutoTweetNG component has been installed -System plugin-AutotweetAutomator has been installed and enabled to process new content and posts every 3 minutes -System plugin - AutotweetContent has been installed and enabled to publish Joomla! content.


Remember to assign your Download ID to enable all features.

# STEP 2: Create an app

Login at https://developers.pinterest.com/apps/ (opens new window) with your Pinterest username and password. Go to Create App

Create App

Fill the application details and create the application

Create application

Assign the Authorized Redirect URL's.:



Submit the App for review.

App Review

# STEP 3: Create and authorize a social channel

Go to AutoTweetNG/ Joocial Control panel, select Channels tab to create a new channel.


On Channel Tab, click on New, select the Channel Type and complete the App ID and App Secret. Save


Click on "Step 1: Authorize"


Accept the permissions dialog.


Click on "Validate". The Access Token and User ID will be filled and save. Select the Board.



AutoTweetNG/ Joocial is ready to publish!

A new authorization Access Token has been granted.

A new Pinterest Channel has been created.

By default, all new articles are going to be published on Pinterest.

# STEP 4: Create a test article

  1. Create an article
  2. Check the Request list
  3. Wait 3 minutes, visit the front page
  4. Check the Posts list
  5. Check Pinterest.
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