XT Search for Algolia

Instant Search and Autocompletion for Your Site.

XT Search for Algolia integrates your site and Algolia. Algolia is the smartest way to improve search on your site. Autocomplete and Instant Search are included, along with full control over the look, feel and relevance.

What is Algolia?

Search Technology To Power Your Business: Algolia is a hosted full-text, numerical, and faceted search engine capable of delivering real-time results from the first keystroke.


  • Integration of your site with Algolia, with no more complications than the connector configuration.
  • Integration with Joomla Content (Articles), K2, SobiPro ... and more coming!
  • Improved navigation by instant search and autocompletion. Modules for instant search and autocompletion.
  • Search relevance: textual, business and personalization at user and group level, powered by Algolia engine.
  • Search beyond the box: improve the UX by browsing, faceting and suggestions.
  • Mobile-first search technology
  • Multi-Connector Sitewide search: one single search with immediate results for the whole site.

Examples and Demos

In our demo site, you can check how XT Search for Algolia works with SobiPro. Please, check it here in the demo site http://demo.xtdir.com, where you can find a SobiPro v1.4.7 business directory, with 2.000 more entries to fill the catalogue.

Instant Search Module - Autocompletion

Instant Search Module -  Autocompletion

Instant Search Module - Faceting

Instant Search Module -  Faceting

Instant Search Module - Search relevance

Instant Search Module - Search relevance