# Frequently asked questions for PrestaShop

The following questions are the Frequently asked questions for PrestaShop about XT Search for Algolia.

# How can I add a new field to the Instant Search results?

On Algolia Dashboard, you can find all fields that are stored in the Index. The fields can be used for the search queries and for front-end search widgets on the sites.

Algolia Configuration: The first step to add the category to the Instant Search widget is adding the new field to the list of retrievable fields on Algolia (Index/ Configuration/ Search Behaviour/ Retrieved attributes). In this way, you can control which fields are included in the search results (regardless if the search query is run on them).

XT Search Module Override: Now, it is time to configure the module view layout override on PrestaShop. For more information about what are the module overrides.

XT Search comes with several alternative layouts that can be selected in the module configuration:

  • xt_autocomplete.tpl, module template for autocomplete
  • xt_autocomplete-sample-override.tpl, sample module template override for autocomplete
  • xt_instantsearch_module.tpl, module template for instant search
  • xt_instantsearch_partial-hit.tpl, partial hit template for instant search
  • xt_instantsearch_partial-no-results.tpl, no results template for instant search
  • xt_instantsearch_partial-sort-by.tpl, sort by template for instant search
  • xt_instantsearch.tpl, page template for instant search
  • xt_autocomplete16.tpl, module template for autocomplete (PrestaShop 1.6)
  • xt_instantsearch16_module.tpl, module template for instant search (PrestaShop 1.6)
  • xt_instantsearch16.tpl, page template for instant search (PrestaShop 1.6)
  • xt_instantsearch_partial-hit16.tpl, partial hit template for instant search (PrestaShop 1.6)

To add a new field, you can check the available template files and override any of them

The layout includes the definition where each element is going to be displayed and the templates to render the content.

To install a template override, create the directory /themes/YOUR-THEME/modules/xtsearchforalgolia/views/templates/front and copy the any of the active templates.

# How can I add the category field to the Autocomplete results?

This case is similar to the previous case. The only difference is that the result template of the Autocomplete must be overriden by a JavaScript variable definition. To change the Autocomplete result template and add the category_name field, the package includes the sample layout xt_autocomplete-sample-override.tpl.

The layout includes the definition where each element is going to be displayed and the templates to render the content. The sample layout includes this JavaScript function to customize the result template:

Finally, to install the file, copy xt_autocomplete-sample-override.tpl to /themes/YOUR-THEME/modules/xtsearchforalgolia/views/templates/front/xt_autocomplete.tpl.

# How we can change a label?

The labels are represented as constants in the module templates. For instance: More Search Results or MOD_XTDIR4ALG_PRICE_AMOUNT_LABEL for "Price".

The full list of labels and their translations can be found in the file: modules/xtsearchforalgolia/translations/en.php

To customize the translations, you can duplicate the en.php to the list of enabled languages. For instance: da.php, sv.php, no.php, etc.

To override the default module translation files, copy the files into the theme folder: themes/MY-THEME/modules/xtsearchforalgolia/translations/.

Following the PrestaShop practice, the labels are md5 encoded. This is the case of the Price label:

The module is prepared to be positioned following the PrestaShop core template practice. It supports the following hooks, where you can define the layout of the module for that position:

  • displayHomeTab
  • displayHomeTabContent
  • displaySearch
  • displayTop
  • displayTopColumn

To select which widget layout must be shown in each position:

Choose the layout for each position

If the site template follows a different practice, then the previous feature is not integrated. The module has to be extended to support other hooks or the template modified to incorporate any of the core hooks.

# The price Range Slider shows zero as the only option

The slider and the filtering widgets works based on facets. Please, check if the "price_amount" is configured as a Facet in the index. If it is not, please add it to the list of Facets.

# Installation Services

Save your time and focus on your business

Besides the general configuration, we complete the process according to the search configuration, in particular:

  • Check Configuration of Instant Auto-complete and search.
  • Check Adaptation and styling of the Instant Auto-complete and search to the store template.
  • Check Unlimited number of indexes, languages and products included.
  • Check Average project duration: 7-10 work days.

To know more about the installation services, click here: https://www.extly.com/xt-search-for-algolia.html#Installation-Service (opens new window)

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