# Troubleshooting

# 504 Gateway Time-out

The extension requires a connection to the Algolia servers to index the records of the site. In particular, the current API opens connections to:

  • algolia.com
  • algolia.io
  • algolia.net
  • algolianet.com

If the connection to external servers is restricted, then an error such as "Gateway Time-out" or connection error is received. To solve, the issue, please, ensure that your server can open a connection to the domains listed above.

# Logging Mode: Developer's swiss army knife

The Logging Mode is a key tool to check the extension inner workings. It is a handy way to check component internals, beyond a simple error message.

You can enable the logging mode to leave a track of server-side operations.

To enable the Logging mode:

  • Access the Options menu, in Components/(Extension Name) Control Panel.
  • In the System settings tab,
  • Enable the: File Logging Level (For example, 3-All)

As a result, the extension is going to generate the xt-logging.log file with all operations details into logs/ directory. Please, check the file generated in logs/xt-logging.log or administrator/logs/xt-logging.log.

Last Updated: 3/16/2023, 5:29:08 PM