# Autocomplete Classic module

Once that the initial installation (opens new window) and indexation are ready, it is time to configure the front-end search.

XT Search for Algolia (opens new window) includes three different search modules:

  • AutoComplete Classic Module
  • Instant Search
  • Browse by Facet

XT Search Modules

The XT Search for Algolia (opens new window) - Autocomplete Classic module is the natural first step.

Autocomplete Classic module

# Module Configuration

Autocomplete Classic Configuration

  • Hit Name Field: Field to be used as entry name. By default, the indexing process always defines a name, regardless of the connector.
  • Hits page limit: Number of search results to be shown.
  • Search placeholder: Phrase to be used in the search inbox. It can also be defined with the label: MOD_XTDIR4ALG_AUTOCOMPLETE_PLACEHOLDER_LABEL.
  • Layout: Available module layouts: Bootstrap 2 or 3.
  • Connector Filter: Select the connector to filter results. By default, search results from all connectors are shown.

# Autocompletion Classic for the Administrator Module

Instant Search Module -  Autocompletion Classic for the Administrator

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