# Installation for PrestaShop

Installing XT Search for Algolia (opens new window) is no different than installing any other PrestaShop modules on your site. You can read the complete instructions for installing PrestaShop modules on the official help page: How to install a module on PrestaShop (opens new window). Throughout this chapter, we assume that you are familiar with these instructions and we will try not to duplicate them.

# Installation Services

Save your time and focus on your business

Besides the general configuration, we complete the process according to the search configuration, in particular:

  • Check Configuration of Instant Auto-complete and search.
  • Check Adaptation and styling of the Instant Auto-complete and search to the store template.
  • Check Unlimited number of indexes, languages and products included.
  • Check Average project duration: 7-10 work days.

To know more about the installation services, click here: https://www.extly.com/xt-search-for-algolia.html#Installation-Service (opens new window)

# Basic installation

# Install the module and configure it

Install the module and configure it - Step 1

Install the module and configure it - Step 2

Install the module and configure it - Step 3

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